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Management Accounting

Net Change in the Cash Conversion Cycle

Gaston Piston Corp. has annual sales of $50,000,000 and maintains an average inventory level of $15,000,000. The average accounts receivable balance outstanding is $10,000,000. The company makes all purchases on credit and has always paid on the 30th day. The company is now going to take full advantage of trade credit and

Amy Jolly: cost of retained earnings

Amy Jolly is the treasurer of her company. She expects the company will grow at 4% in the future, and debt securities (YTM=14%, tax rate= 30%) will always be a cheaper option to finance the growth. The current market price per share of its common stock is $39, and the expected dividend in one year is $1.50 per share. Calculat

Cost for issuing bonds

Clancy Inc. issues $2,000,000 of 7% bonds due in 10 years with interest payable at year-end. The current market rate of interest for bonds of similar risk is 8%. What amount will Clancy receive when it issues the bonds

Managerial accounting 3: Caltreck Manufacturing, SuperK Company

Use the following information for questions 20-22. Caltreck Manufacturing Inc.'s accounting records reflect the following inventories: Dec. 31, 2005 Dec. 31, 2006 Raw materials inventory $100,000 $ 80,000 Work in process inventory 130,000 145,000 Finished goods inventory 125,000 115,000 During 2006, Caltre

Managerial accounting: 9 multiple choice questions

11. Which of the following represents the correct order in which inventories are reported on a manufacturer's balance sheet? a. Raw materials, work in process, finished goods b. Work in process, finished goods raw materials c. Finished goods, work in process, raw materials d. Work in process, raw materials, finished goods

Fresh LTD buys a truck: what should be recorded as the cost?

Please show the steps into solving this question: Fresh Ltd buys a truck with a list price of $40 000. the dealer gives 15% reduction in list price and another 4% cash discount on the net price if payment is made in 25 days. Sales taxes amount to be $200 and the company paid another $300 to have a special tire installed. Wha

Questions I am having problems with

1. Your consulting firm was recently hired to improve the performance of Shin-Soenen Inc, which is highly profitable but has been experiencing cash shortages due to its high growth rate. As one part of your analysis, you want to determine the firmâ??s cash conversion cycle. Using the following information and a 365-day year,

Cedarcrest: Fixed- and Variable- Cost Pools

The city of Cedarcrest signed a lease for a photocopy machine at $2,000 per month and $.02 per copy. Operating costs for toner, paper, operator salary, and so on are all variable at $.03 per copy. Departments had projected a need for 50,000 copies a month. The Public Works Department predicted its usage at 18,000 copies a month.

Managerial accountant

Generally forecasting and planning is considered the purview of the financial accountant or the forecasting and planning department. Given that the managerial accountant deals primarily with historical data how can the management accountant bring value added to the projections of the entity?

Absorption Costing: Managerial Accounting

Roland Andersson is the manager of the Ekland Division of Ystad Industries. His one of several managers being considered for position of CEO, as the current CEO is retiring in a year. All divisions use standard absorption costing; normal capacity is the basis for application of fixed overhead. Normal capacity in the Ekland Di

Cost Management System Being Applied in Various Scenarios

For each of the decisions listed below, indicate the purpose of the Cost Management System being applied. a. A production manager wants to know the cost of performing a setup for a production run in order to compare it to a target cost established as part of a process improvement program. b. Top management wants to identif

Magma Inc Cost and Revenue Variances: Actual DL Rate

Use the following information to answer Questions 1, 2 and 3 Magma Inc. produces two products, A and B. Relevant budget information for this period for each of these products is presented in the table. Product A Product B

Cost and Revenue Variances for Spiele Inc

Spiele Inc. manufactures and sells various software packages - Games, Business Applications and Creative Suites. Budget and actual information for the period are presented in the table. Budget Actual Sales Units

Cost and Revenue Variances for Processors Ltd

Processors Ltd. uses three different products - X, Y and Z to produce its major product line. Each kg of the raw material costs $2.00 for X, $3.75 for Y and $5.20 for Z. Each final product is budgeted to use 50 kg of X, 20 kg of Y and 30 kg Z. During the last period 150 units of the final product were produced. Actual inputs use

One of its costs is a mixed cost and has run a regression analysis

Please help me with the assignment below... =================== Nelson Inc. believes one of its costs is a mixed cost and has run a regression analysis which shows the following: SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.963711945 R Square 0.928740713 Adjusted R Square 0.916864165 Standard Error 946.09830

Management Accounting - Contribution Margin

2-29 Basic Review Exercises Fill in the blanks for each of the following independent cases: Case Selling Price per Unit Variable Cost per Unit Total Units Sold Total Contribution Margin Total Fixed Costs Net Income 1 $25.00 $120,000.00 $720,000.00 $640,000.00 2 $10.00 $6.00 $100,000.00 $320,000.00 3 $20.00 $

Joint cost problems

Allegheny River Sawmill manufactures two lumber products from a joint milling process. The two products developed are mine support braces (MSB) and unseasoned commercial building lumber (CBL). A standard production run incurs joint costs of $750,000 and results in 60,000 units of MSB and 90,000 units of CBL. Each MSB sells for $

Managerial Decision Making - contingent contracts and negotiations

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Discuss the four ways, outlined in Chapter 9, in which contingent contracts can improve the outcomes of negotiations for both sides. 1. Bets build on differences to create joint value. 2. Bets help manage biases. 3. Bets diagnose disingenuous parties. 4. Bets establi

Important Information about Management Accounting

1) a. Identify the five steps in the lean thinking model. b. Which of these steps do you think is the most challenging for the organization? Explain your reasoning. Give details. 2) Julie Jones was hired by a popular fast food restaurant as an order taker and cashier. Shortly after taking the job, she was shocked to ov

Daniels Corporation Cash Conversion Cycle; Jamson Corporation

Cash concersion cycle Daniels Corporation has $15 million of sales, $2 million of inventories, $3 million of receivables, and $1 million of payables. Its cost of goods sold is 80 percent of sales, and it finances working capital with bank loans at 8% rate. What is Danielâ??s Corp cash conversion cycle? If Daniels Corp could


Please see the attached file. The LJB Company must replace a freezer and is trying to decide between the following two alternatives: Freezer A Freezer B Investment Required $29,000 $25,000 Annual electric bill 3,000 4,000 Salvage value 6,000 5,000 Project life 11 years 11 years The LJB Company's cost of capital is 8