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Management Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Mallory Corporation produces two products: A and B. The company's expected factory overhead costs for the coming year are as follows: Overhead Category Estimated Costs Utilities $300,000 Indirect Materials 150,000 Indirect Labor 50,000 De

Clean Machine target profit; how many car washes

John is president of Clean Machines, a new car washing service that makes house calls. John has decided that his goal for the coming year is to earn a profit of $40,000. Clean Machines reported the following sales and cost information for the year just ended: Sales revenue $60,000 Less all variable 20,000

Managerial Accounting

Randazzo may produce 80,000 components per year for various vehicles and 5,000 per year for the corvette. Selling prices vary greatly across the product line as a result of market supply and demand. The machine shop is automated. By changing cutting tools and entering different measurements into the system a variety or produc

The Components of the Cost of Sales

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words and include a reference. Describe the components of the Cost of Sales (aka, Cost of Goods Sold) section of the income statement. In addition, include an example from the annual report of a publicly traded company.

Management Policy and strategy: Facebook

I need help in preparing a case analysis for "Facebook Faces Up." Prepare a case analysis of Case 3, "Facebook Faces Up." (PDF) Closely follow the guidelines in "Writing a Case Analysis" provided. The case analysis should be two to three pages long, double spaced. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, m

Cost Drivers and Activity Costs

A VCR manufacturer has the following costs budgeted in January. Raw material and components $2,950,000 Insurance, Plant 600,000 Electricity, machinery 120,000 Electricity, lights 60,000 Engineering design

Managerial Accounting - Profit Planning

1. Jordan Company expects to begin operations on January 1, 2009; it will operate as a specialty sales company that sells laser pointers over the Internet. Jordan expects sales in January 2009 to total $120,000 and to increase 10 percent per month in February and March. All sales are on account. Jordan expects to collect 70 perc

Applying Cost Classifications

For each of the following costs, identify whether the item is a variable or fixed cost, direct or indirect cost, and controllable or uncontrollable cost. (For example: Plant Utilities would be a variable, indirect, and controllable cost.) Not all items will fit into each category. Label items that do not fit a categories as not

Budgeting, cost benefit analysis

Here are some of MNO Company's annual costs relating to quality: * Inspection at the end of the production process: $20,000 * Scrap from the production process: $18,000 * Design work for product improvement: $24,000 * Total costs related to customer complaints: $40,000 * Employee training: $12,000

Motivational input

Relate employee motivation and managerial attitudes and behaviors to employee attitudes and job satisfaction in your organization.

Managerial Accounting

See attached file. Lavvy Candy Corporation manufactures giant gourmet suckers. The cost standards developed by Lavvy appear below. Manufacturing overhead at Lavvy is applied to production on the basis of standard direct labor-hours: Standard quantity per sucker Standard cost per ounce or hour Standard cos

Cash Conversion Cycles: Sears & JC Penney

Refer to the Financial Statements for Sears (SHLD) and JC Penney's(JCP) on Calculate each company's Cash Conversion Cycle for the two most recent years. Discuss what these metrics tell you about the companies' performance.

Fixed cost and variable cost for companies

The websites of selected companies appear below. Review the information about the operations of each of the companies that is provided on these websites. Biolea ( Evian at Ircon International Limited ( Gulf Craft Inc. (http://www.gul

Apply over head cost for managerial accounting

Online Homework System Assignment Worksheet 5/3/09 - 4:30 PM Name: ____________________________ Class: ACC 560 - Managerial Accounting - Spring 2009 - Section 16016 Class #: ____________________________ Section #: ____________________________ Instructor: Kara Mahon Assignment: Chapter 3 ------------------

Relevant Cost Analysis in a Variety of Situations

Antoine Company has a single product called Zero. The company normally produces and sells 80,000 Zero's each year at a selling price of $40 per unit. The company's unit cost at this level of activity is given below: Direct materials $9.50 Direct Labor 10.00 Variable manufacturing Overhead 2.80 Fixed manufactu

Dropping or Retaining a Tour

Pacific Tour operates tours throughout the US. Studies show that the tours are not profitable, and are considering dropping the tours to improve the company operating performance. Below is an income statement from a tour below: Ticket revenue 3,000 100% (100% seat capacity*40% occupancy* $75 ticket price per person) V

Special Order : explained

Attached Problem. 4. Vaden Company produces a single product. The cost of producing and selling a single unit of this product at the company's normal activity level of 50,000 units per month is as follows: Direct materials $32.50 Direct labor 7.20 Variable manufacturing overhead 1.30 Fixed manuf

Managerial Accounting Standard Costs

I really need help solving these problems. 1.) Poorly trained workers could have an unfavorable effect on which of the following variances? Labor Rate Variance Materials Quantity Variance a.) Yes

Managerial Economics for Remox Corporation

4. Remox Corporation is a British firm that sells high-fashion sportswear in the United States. Congress is currently considering the imposition of a protective tariff on imported textiles. Remox is considering the possibility of moving 50 percent of its production to the United States to avoid the tariff. This would be accom

Balance Sheet Information for Lextra Office Supplies

The questions are requires that all supporting figures are prepared using a spreadsheet and the Formula spreadsheet in all instances where you have used the spreadsheet package. Part A - Lextra Office Supplies The following information is provided for Lextra Office Supplies: a. Balance sheet information as of 30 June, 2008:

Woods and Waters Financial and Managerial Analysis

Please see attached spreadsheet for data. The Woods and Waters Company has two operating divisions, the Service Division and the Irrigation Division. The company evaluates the performance of its divisions using the Return on Investment (RoI) measure. The following information pertains to the two divisions as of the end of t

Managerial Accounting

1. The type of costing that provides the best information for breakeven analysis is: 2. Gyro Gear Company produces a single product, a special gear used in automatic transmissions. Each gear sells for $28, and the company sells 500,000 gears each year. Unit cost data are presented below: Variable Fixed Direct mate

Comprehensive Standard Cost Variances

"It certainly is nice to see small variance on the income statement after all the trouble we've had lately in controlling manufacturing costs," said Sarah Jones, VP Shore INC." The $12,250 overall manufacturing variance reported last period is well below the 3% limit we have set for variances. We need to congratulate everybody o

Activity Based Cost Drivers: EyeGuard Equipment Inc

Resource and Activity-Based Cost Drivers EyeGuard Equipment Inc (EEI) manufactures protective eyewear for use in commercial and home applications. The product is also used by hunters, home woodworking hobbyists, and in other applications. The firms has two main product lines?the highest-quality product is called Safe-T, and a