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Management Accounting


1. What is the difference between free trade credit and costly trade credits? 2. What are some actions a firm can take to shorten its cash conversion cycle?

Kristen Lu purchased a used automobile... compute average cost per mile and more

Kristen Lu purchased a used automobile for $8,000 at the beginning of last year and incurred the following operating costs: Depreciation ($8,000 5 years) . . . . . . . . . $1,600 Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,200 Garage rent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $360 Autom

Curtis Corporation: make or buy the containers, incremental cost (benefit)

Make-or-Buy Decision Curtis Corporation is beginning to manufacture Mighty Mint, a new mouthwash in a small spray container. The product will be sold to wholesalers and large drugstore chains in packages of 30 containers for $19 per package. Management allocates $260,000 of fixed manufacturing overhead costs to Mighty Mint. T

The American Produce Company: Allocating Joint Costs

Allocating Joint Costs The American Produce Company purchased a truckload of cantaloupes (weighing 5,900 pounds) for $980. American Produce separated the cantaloupes into two grades: superior and economy. The superior grade cantaloupes had a total weight of 3,400 pounds and the economy grade cantaloupes totaled 2,500 pounds.

Managerial Accounting

Please see the attachment. Question #1?Multiple Choice Topics 1. Circle the impact of the following situations on the applicable variances (NA=no affect) A. Laborers worked overtime. Labor Rate Variance: Fav Unfav NE Labor Efficiency Variance: Fav. Unfav. NE B. Inferior Materials we

Cost allocations: Jane's Peanut Brittle; Jerry's Furniture

Week Five Problems 1) The CEO of Jane's Peanut Brittle has decided that she wants to see the financial statements of her two product divisions presented in a way that allows her to add them up to the total financial statement of the company. In order to accomplish that, the CFO must allocate the expenses of the company's tw

Grant Industries Inc for Construction of Manufacturing Facility

40. During 2011, Grant Industries, Inc. constructed a new manufacturing facility at a cost of $12,000,000. The weighted average accumulated expenditures for 2011 were calculated to be $5,400,000. The company had the following debt outstanding at December 31, 2011: (a) 10 percent, five-year note to finance construction of th

Cost Allocation & Activity-Based Costing

Hello, Please help with the attached problems. Thank you. PROBLEM 6-5. Cost-Plus Contracts, Allocations and Ethics Pelton Instrumentation manufactures a variety of electronic instmments that are used in military and civilian applications. Sales to the military are generally on a cost-plus

Short term financing, short term loans: Morin Const, SW Forging, Johnson, MDM

The R. Morin Construction Company needs to borrow $100,000 to help finance the cost of a new $150,000 hydraulic crane used in the firm's commercial construction business. The crane will pay for itself in one year, and the firm is considering the following alternatives for financing its purchase: Alternative A-The firm's bank

Budgets in Managerial Accounting: Matthew Gabon

Budgets in Managerial Accounting: Matthew Gabon, the sales manager of Office Furniture Solutions, prepared the following budget for 2008: Salaries (fixed) $500,000 Commissions (variable) 180,000 Advertising (fixed) 100,000 Charge for office space

Estimate of the Variable and Fixed Cost

--Attached Big Ed Corporation produces and sells a single product. Data regarding that product are as follows: Per Unit Percent of Sales Selling price...........................$200 100% Variable expenses..................$40 25% Contribution Margin.............$160 75% 1. Big Ed is currently selling 8,000 uni

A company's operating process

Copia Electronics makes speaker systems. Its customers range from new hotels and restaurants that need specifically designed sound systems to nationwide retail outlets that order large quantities of similar products. The following activities are part of the company's operating process: New retail product design Purchasin

Managerial Accounting: GHI Company makes light-weight canoes

GHI Company makes light-weight canoes for campers. The president, George Ingalls, enlists your help in predicting the effects of some changes he is contemplating. He gives you the following information: Unit variable costs of each canoe: Direct materials $ 90 Direct labor 100 Variable factory overhead 20 Variable sellin

10 MC Managerial accounting: markup, discounts, selling price, cost

1.Markup is: a.selling price + cost b.selling price divided by cost c.selling price cost d.selling price (1 + cost) e.None of these 2.Black and Decker Manufacturing sold a set of saws to True Value Hardware. The list price was $3,800. Black and Decker offered a chain discount of 8/3/1. Th

Joint cost allocation and Net Realizable Value

A single production process converts a single raw material into 5,000 kg of joint product A and 5,000 kg of joint product B at a total cost of $100,000. After the split-off point $10,000 is spent on A to convert it into C and $20,000 is spent on B to convert it into D. C and D are both sold for $15 per kg. Joint costs are alloca

Managerial Accounting Problems Computed

PROBLEM 2-25 Working with Incomplete Data from the Income Statement and Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured [ LO4 , LO5 ] Supply the missing data in the following cases. Each case is independent of the others. Replace each "?" with the correct answer in red text. 1 2 3 4 Schedule of Cost of Goods Manufactured Direc

Managerial Acctg(2)

Please help with the attached assignments. Thank you. 2-9. Recording Labor Cost in Job-Order Costing Johnson Products had the following labor time tickets for the month of February: Required a. Calculate the amount of direct labor cost assigned to each job. b. Summarize the labor time tickets and prepare a journal e

Cost of equity

A firm has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.20. If it had no debt, its cost of equity would be 15%. Its cost of debt is 10%. What is its cost of equity if there are no taxes or other imperfections? a. 10% b. 15% c. 18% d. 21% e. none of the above

Relevant Cost Information

Overbey Construction Company is a building contractor specializing in small commercial buildings. The company has the opportunity to accept one of two jobs; it cannot accept both because they must be performed at the same time and Overbey does not have the necessary labor force for both jobs. Indeed, it will be necessary to hire

Manufacturing Indirect costs. Objective of allocating indirect costs

Please help with answer the following questions. 1. What is direct cost? What criteria are used to determine whether a cost is a direct cost? To calculate the total cost of the production department or to calculate each product's total cost, it is necessary to allocate some of the rent (and other indirect costs) to the d

Cost allocation in a service industry - Jarmon Airlines & Never-Fail, Inc.

Jarmon Airlines is a small airline that occasionally carries overload shipments for the overnight delivery company Never-Fail, Inc. Never-Fail is a multimillion dollar company started by Peter Never immediately after he failed to finish his first accounting course. The company's motto is "We Never-Fail to Deliver Your Package on

Cost Accumulation and allocation: Maller Manufacturing Company

Maller Manufacturing Company makes two different products, M and N. The company's two departments are named after the products; for example, Product M is made in Department M. Maller's accountant has identified the following annual costs associated with these two products. ** (See attachment) ** Required: 1. Identify the

Managerial Accounting, part 5. MC questions X 25.

See attached file. Ref: Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts. Fifth Edition. EDMONDS 25 Multiple Choice Questions. 1. During the year Leyland Company completed 1,300 units of product. Ending inventory consisted of 400 units that were 50% complete. The total dollar cost associated with production of inventory was $

Calculate the Best Estimate of the Total Variable Cost per Unit

Passage to Question 1: Sentry Corporation is a wholesaler that sells a single product. Management has provided the following cost data for two levels of monthly sales volume. The company sells the product for $84.40 per unit. Sales Volume (units).....................................................5,000 6,000 Cost of Sale