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Management Accounting


Automakers came to Washington in late 2008 asking for Federal financial aid to avoid bankruptcy. Their reception was chilly, but aid was provided and bankruptcy occurred except for Ford. Assume you are the CEO of any one of the Big Three and discuss with your colleagues how you would turn your firm around. Make your arguments as

Expansion analysis: The Ski Pro Corporation

Consider the following scenario: The Ski Pro Corporation, which produces and sells to wholesalers a highly successful line of water skis, has decided to diversify to stabilize sales throughout the year. The company is considering the production of cross-country skis. After considerable research, a cross-country ski line has

Alternative performance measure to manager of plant A happier

A soft drink company has three bottling plants throughout the country. Bottling occurs at the regional level because of the high cost of transporting bottled soft drinks. The parent company supplies each plant with the syrup. The bottling plants combine the syrup with carbonated soda to make and bottle the soft drinks. The bottl

Managerial Accouting

1.The comparison of actual outcomes with desired outcomes is an example of a(n): Answer A) planning activity. B) control activity. C) operating activity. D) static activity. 2.Which type of activity includes ensuring that the objectives and goals developed by the organization are being attained? Answer

The cost of what you didn't do: opportunity cost

"The cost of doing anything consists of the receipts that could have been obtained if that particular decision had not been taken." Ronald Coase. What does Mr. Coase mean in his quote? Give an example of an opportunity cost.

Estimating costs: Is it avoidable? Desirable? Needed? Harmful?

Read the Reality Bytes section on p. 797 in Fundamental Financial & Managerial Accounting Concepts (see below). For what other business decisions may it be impossible to calculate the actual cost? What are some of the dangers of basing decisions on estimated rather than actual costs? How might these dangers be minimized?

Managerial Accounting

Basic CVP Analysis Complete the following exercise (Problem 4-21) and submit to your instructor. The Fashion Shoe Company operates a chain of womenâ??s shoe shops around the country. The shops carry many styles of shoes that are all sold at the same price. Sales personnel in the shops are paid a substantial commission on ea

Capacity and product mix decision

6-36 Capacity and product mix decision Barney Toy Company manufactures large and small stuffed animals. It has a long-term contract with a large chain of discount stores to sell 3,000 large and 6,000 small stuffed animals each month. The following cost information is available for large and small stuffed animals. Item Lar

Special Orders

Sherene Nili manages a company that produces wedding gowns. She produces both a custom product that is made to order and a standard product that is sold in bridal salons. Her accountant prepared the following forecasted income statement for March, which is a busy month: Custom

Managerial & Cost Accounting: Variable & Fixed Cost, CVP

X company manufactures and sells oil filters. The selling price for theses oil filters is $3.00, which is what Y company competitors charge, as the oil filter is a commodity. Facts for X company are as follows: X company desires a 10 percent return on its total assets which are $1,000,000 X has a current sales volume of 250,

Managerial: Golf Specialties; Montana Pen; Negative Opportunity Costs; Max stores

P 1-8 Golf Specialties Golf Specialties (GS), a Belgian company, manufactures a variety of golf paraphernalia, such as headcovers for woods, embroidered golf towels, and umbrellas. GS sells all its products exclusively in Europe through independent distributors. Given the popularity of Tiger Woods, one of GS's more popular item

Managerial Accounting: Master Budgeting

Mainline moving company specializes in hauling heave foods over long distances. The company's revenues and expenses depend on revenue miles, a measure that combines both weights and mileage. The summarized budget data for next year are based on predicted total revenue miles of 800,000. At that level of volume, and at any level

Managerial accounting: direct materials standard cost variance

The following materials standards have been established for a particular product: Standard quantity per unit of output 5.1 grams Standard price $11.95 per gram The following data pertain to operations concerning the product for the last month: Actual materials purchased 6,800 grams Actual cost of materials purc

Managerial accounting: Cost flows, cost of goods manufactured, WIP

Green Company's costs for the month of August were as follows: direct materials, $27,000; direct labor, $34,000; selling, $14,000; administrative, $12,000; and manufacturing overhead, $44,000. The beginning work in process inventory was $16,000 and the ending work in process inventory was $9,000. What was the cost of goods manuf

Managerial Economics: Effect of each on a demand curve for auto purchases in Japan

The demand in Japan for new automobiles is elastic and sensitive to market prices. Given that, describe the effect of each of the following on the quantity demanded or the demand for new autos in Japan. Indicate whether the effect of each is an upward or downward movement along a given demand curve or instead involves an outward

Important information about Joint cost allocation

Show and explain all calculations. A seafood business purchases lobsters and processes them into tails and flakes. It sells the lobster tails for $21 dollars per pound and the flakes for $14 per pound. On average, 100 pounds of lobster are processed into 52 pounds of tails and 22 pounds of flakes, with 26 pounds of waste. Assu

30 Managerial Mutiple Choice: Budgets, Cash flows, Volume, Variances, Prices

1. The master budget is primarily concerned with: a. Short-range decisions b. Intermediate-range decisions c. Long-range decisions d. None of the above 2. Capital budgeting deals with: a. Short-range purchase decisions b. Intermediate to long-term asset management decisions c. Perpetual budgeting decisions d. Division

Cash Conversion Process

The concept of the cash conversion cycle, it's application of the concept in the Lawrence Sports simulation and its reference to the required reading.

Cost Allocations: Relevance to US Army Corp of Engineers, City of Seattle, US DHS

1. Why does the US Army Corp of Engineers worry about cost allocations? Aren't they a branch of the US Federal Government? Why does it matter whether or not costs are allocated? 2. The City of Seattle reading lists a series of costs and associated cost drivers for allocating these costs. Do you agree with the cost drivers (c

Trailbrazers Managerial Accounting Produced

56. Trailblazers produces two types of hiking boots: the men's boot and the women's boot. The two types of boots are similar except that the women's boots are more stylish. Both types are made using the same machines. It takes 15 minutes if machine time to produce one pair of men's boots, whereas it takes 30 minutes of machine t

Prepare schedule of cost of good manufactured

Waterboys Corporation manufactured a variety of products in its factory. Data for the most recent months operations appear below: Beginning raw materials inventory $ 40,132 Purchases of Raw Materials 395,952 Ending raw materials inventory 61,322 Direct labor

Use the 'Management Skill Set Assessment' and comment on the results

See the attached file. Overview The purpose of the Project is to give you the opportunity to explore the applicability of the Module to your own life, work, and place in space and time, and to see how the otherwise academically rigorous presentation of a topic may, with more or less work and/or trauma, become "up close and

Variable cost markup: Vita Company

Vita Co has the following budgeted costs for 10,000 units: Variable Fixed Manufacturing $100,000 $75,000 Selling and Admin $50,000 $25,000 Total

Analyze an organization: environment, managerial, operational, financial issues

Using your current work organization (or an organization of interest) as the subject matter, research the elements of business and prepare an APA formatted paper that: Analyzes the organization's basic legal, social, and economic environments Analyzes the organization's managerial, operational, and financial issues includ

Determined cost of Jarmon's two trips

Determine the total cost of each trip. The first trip was a round trip value. During the first week in January, Jarmon flew two trips. The first trip was a round trip flight from Chicago to San Francisco, for which Jarmon paid $500 for the pilot and $350 for fuel. The second flight was a round trip from Chicago to New