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    Analyze an organization: environment, managerial, operational, financial issues

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    Using your current work organization (or an organization of interest) as the subject matter, research the elements of business and prepare an APA formatted paper that:

    Analyzes the organization's basic legal, social, and economic environments

    Analyzes the organization's managerial, operational, and financial issues including:

    Project Management
    Project Timelines
    Critical Paths and Contingency Planning
    Implementation Plan Contingencies
    Staffing Needs and Tools
    One Gantt Chart Example
    One PERT Chart Example

    Analyzes the impact of potential change factors and the impact on the functions of management

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    //In this paper, we have taken the company named Emaar Properties PJSC for the purpose of making analysis. First, we will discuss briefly about the company, and then we will analyze its social, legal and economic environments. We will also discuss the company issues related to financial, managerial and operational activities. At last, we will discuss about the impact of the change factors on the company and on the management functions. //

    Emaar Properties PJSC is the world's biggest company in the real estate sector. It was established in the year 1997 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is listed in the financial market of Dubai and is also a part of the Dow Jones Index. It works for developing homes along with many other value added services like building community centers, Hotels, etc which works for fulfilling all the demands of the customers and provides them with stylish lifestyle. Emaar is growing because they believe in global expansion and increasing the multiple business segments. Emaar is also providing various other services of hospitality, malls, financial services, health cares services and leisure services. Emaar's operations are established in many countries like United Arab Emirates, U.S.A, U.K, Syria, Jordan, etc. (About Emaar, 2010).

    The external environment proves to be affecting the performance of the company. It influences the company's working and shapes its structure. Legal environment of a country helps the company in formulating the framework in which the company will make its operations work. It is very much necessary to identify the legal environment of the country in which the company operates. It is because it helps in assessing if any organizational change is required or not. UAE's legal system is a combination of classical and modern concepts like developing the country with the modern structure and also ensuring that the traditions are sustained.

    Therefore, the government of UAE has taken several steps to reform the overall structure that could help in providing the country with all the modern amenities along with best services at an effective cost. Similarly, Emaar has developed its structure by providing best services to country's population like best homes, community centers at effective prices and also many other services like leisure, malls, education, hospitality. These activities help a long way in facilitating development of the country. As a result of mutual give and take, Emaar Properties is hence supported by the government. Government is having a partnership control of approximately 32% in the Emaar Company's share holder-ship and so the company has large access to the land for developing properties.

    The Government has also helped the company at the time of economic crises. Government has supported the company by providing millions kept in the UAE banks. Therefore, at the time of crisis, the company took loan from the banks, which helped in executing the operations of the company in an efficient manner. Emaar Properties possesses high goodwill and partnerships with the local governments of the country as well. It has also joined hands with the giant players of every country, which helps it to develop the business. Emaar has joined hands with the Jebel Ali free zone, which is growing at a very high rate. The partnership helps in the growth and development of the company and this in turn facilitates the economy's growth as well.

    //In this part, we will analyze the Emaar's social and economic environment. It will help to analyze, how the company is working in the existing environment. The company focuses on the aspect of the economic system in the economic environment that directly affects the project of the company. //

    Social Environment

    The social environment of any country affects the organization's working. Comprehending to the social values of the country where the company is establishing its office or operations helps it in working in an effective and efficient manner. Emaar Properties PSJC respects the rights of the stakeholders that are formulated by the law. The company considers its employees as the assets of the company and so they identify the needs of the employees by conducting surveys on an annual basis to check whether they are fully satisfied or not. If employees are not satisfied, steps are taken to fulfill their needs. Similarly, Emaar also conducts customer satisfaction surveys with the customers in order to assess the satisfaction level of the customers and an in-depth study is conducted to provide the customers with best services.

    Emaar is also involved in many other activities like opening Eco-friendly community for the people i.e. providing environmental friendly innovations and characteristics, which helps to develop the community in harmony with nature. Emaar is also socially responsible towards suppliers and their subcontractors by following all the rules and regulations of the tender policy of the government at the time of the process of the tender. Company departments are also working efficiently by developing relations with the vendors and suppliers, which helps in ...