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Management Accounting

Allocating Overhead at Yonkers Cranks, Inc. (Borden's Pillows)

38. The president of Yonkers Cranks, Inc. forecasts the company will incur $6,000,000 of manufacturing overhead in the coming year. The company also expects the following results for its operations in the coming year: Direct labor hours 200,000 Direct labor cost $3,000,000 Machine hours 20,000 Wh

Marginal Cost & Revenue for Company Yes

Can some one help me here?! Provided the following cost and income information for a period of time for the company Yes company selling their product in a market where it even is a heavy market player: Production Interval Difference Unit Cost Difference Unit Revenue 0- 1 000 units $ 2 800 $ 4 00

Relevant Range

A is a fixed cost; B is a variable cost. During the current year the level of activity has decreased but is still within the relevant range. We would expect that the cost per unit of A has remained unchanged the cost per unit of B has decreased The cost per unit of A has decreased The cost per unit of B has rema

Cost Object: Examples in Different Types of Companies

What is the meaning of the term "cost object"? Give an example of a cost object that would be used in a manufacturing company, a merchandising company and a service sector company. I really appreciate your help, thanks a lot.

New Public Management as Dominant Approach

New Public Management is becoming the dominant managerial approach in the United States. As a Council member, I certainly saw a movement towards NPM in some administrative areas of the city, but in others the more traditional approach remained. In general, what do you think instigated this overall shift in management style in

Calculate: Standard Material Cost

Question: Bulkboy Fitness Equipment, Inc. was recently created to produce and sell its "Biception" arm machine. Bulkboy decided to use a standard cost system to record costs related to the production of this product. The material standard for each machine produced is 1.07 pounds of a special aluminum tubing at a standard cost of

Break Even Analysis

1. Assume the following cost information for Marie Company: Selling price per unit $144 Variable costs per unit $80 Total fixed costs $80,000 Tax rate 40% If fixed costs increased by 10% and management wanted to maintain the original break-even point, then the selling price per unit


1. Clare Company currently sells 19,000 units. Total fixed costs are $84,000, and the contribution margin per unit is $6.00. Clare's tax rate is 40%. The margin of safety in units is: a)3,000 units b)5,000 units c)7,500 units d)14,000 units 2. Number of engineering hours is a likely cost driver f


1. Burning Company, a producer of salsa, has the following information: Income tax rate 30% Selling price per unit $5.00 Variable cost per unit $3.00 Total fixed costs $90,000.00 The break-even point in dollars is: a)$150,000 b)$180,000 c)$225,000 d)$270,000


1. As the cost driver activity level decreases within the relevant range: a)total fixed costs increase b)fixed costs per unit decreases c)total variable costs decrease d)variable costs per unit decreases 2. The following information is for Allen Corporation: Total Fixed Cost $313,500 Varia


1. The level of sales at which revenues equal expenses and net income is zero is called the: a)margin of safety b)contribution margin c)break-even point d)marginal income point 2. The ________ is the change in total results under a new condition, in comparison with some given or known conditio

Managerial accounting

Final Paper: Your final project is to prepare a 6- to 8-page paper on this topic related to managerial changes within an organization. Since an organization's costs are really considered proprietary information and very difficult to find, doing a paper strictly on the cost accounting system and costs of the entity would be almo

Cash Conversion Cycle for Wal-Mart

Please calculate the average inventory period, accounts receivables period, accounts payable period, cash conversion cycle, and the operating cycle for Wal-Mart in 2007 and 2006 based on the attached annual report. See attached Annual Report, PDF format, for details.

Describing Cost Behavior & Cost Drivers

I need help getting started with the attached question regarding cost behavior and cost drivers. **See ATTACHED file for complete question** 1. Refer to Example 1. For the labor wages and depreciation of plant and machinery examples of production costs given in the Example 1, describe their cost behavior in relation to the


1. "The relevant range pertains to fixed costs, not variable costs." Do you agree? Explain. 2.Describe three ways of lowering a break-even point. 3. "The contribution margin and gross margin are always equal." Do you agree? Explain.

Multiple Changes in Cash Conversion Cycle

Garrett Industries turns over its inventory 6 times each year, it has an average collection period of 45 days and an average payment period of 30 days. The firm's annual sales are $3 million. Assume there is no difference in the investment per dollar of sales in inventory, receivables, and payables, and a 365-day year. a) Cal

Changing Cash Conversion Cycle

Camp Manufacturing turns over its inventory 8 times each year, has an average payment period of 35 days, and has an average collection period of 60 days. The firm's annual sales are 3.5 million dollars. Assume there is no difference in the investment per dollar of sales in inventory, receivables, and payables; and a 365 day year

Managerial Economics: expected commodity market price, compute output

You are a manager of a firm that sells a "commodity" in market that resembles perfect competition, and your cost function is C(Q) = Q + 1Q^2. Unfortunately due to production lags, you must make your output decision prior to knowing for certain the price that will prevail in the market. You believe that there is a 60 percent ch

Finance: cash conversion cycle, breakeven, required ROR, payback period, NPV

A firm has annual operating outlays of $1,800,000 and a cash conversion cycle of 60 days. If the firm currently pays 12 percent for negotiated financing and reduces its cash conversion cycle to 50 days, what is the annual savings? A firm has interest expense of $145,000, preferred dividends of $25,000, and a tax rate of 40 pe

Total variable manufacturing cost per unit

Please help with the following problem. Belinda Corporation has provided the following production and average cost data for two levels of monthly production volume. The company produces a single product. production volume 1,000 units 3,000 units Direct materials

Valley Pizza: Cost Analysis of Possible Machine Replacement

I am having difficulty understanding how the owner can come up with $400 as the reason he won't change. Please see attached 1-3 problem and see if you can help me understand why he would or would not need to change ovens. Valley Pizza's owner bought his current pizza oven two years ago for $9,000, and it has one more year of

Managerial accounting: classify costs, compute breakeven, CVP, margin, overhead

I. Classifications Part A: Classifications Determine the classification for each cost item based on 2 different schemes. First, determine cost behavior: whether the cost is variable or fixed (relative to the number of units produced); check the appropriate space. Then, determine whether the cost is a product or a pe

Describing various forms of costs

I have to write a memo in which I describe the various terms used to describe costs (fixed, variable, direct, indirect, sunk, etc.), including examples of each. There must be seven descriptors of cost.

Managerial accounting: E13.6, E13-8, E13-10, E13-12, P13-16, P13.18

Please provide solutions to these questions. E13.6 College carriers manufactures backpacks that are sold to students for use as book bags. Identify a specific item in this company's manufacturing, selling or administrative processes for which the costs would be classified as a. raw materials b. direct labor c. variable

Plan for cost savings

BYP 9-2 Prasad & Green Inc. manufactures ergonomic devices for computer users. Some of their more popular products include glare screens (for computer monitors), keyboard stands with wrist rests, and carousels that allow easy access to magnetic disks. Over the past 5 years, they experienced rapid growth, with sales of all produc