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Process Costing and Managerial Accounting

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Timberline Associates uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. The following data are for the first processing department for a recent month:

Work in process, beginning:
Units in process 2,400
Percent complete with respect to materials 75%
Percent complete with respect to conversion 50%
Costs in the beginning inventory:
Materials cost $8,400
Conversion cost $7,200
Units started into production during the month 20,800
Units completed and transferred out 22,200
Costs added to production during the month:
Materials cost $97,400
Conversion cost $129,600
Work in process, ending:
Units in process 1,000
Percent complete with respect to materials 80%
Percent complete with respect to conversion 60%


Part A: Determine the equivalent units of production.

Part B: Determine the costs per equivalent unit.

Part C: Determine the cost of ending work in process inventory.

Part D: Determine the cost of the units transferred to the next department.

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