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Management Policy

I need help in preparing a case analysis for "Facebook Faces Up."

Prepare a case analysis of Case 3, "Facebook Faces Up." (PDF)

Closely follow the guidelines in "Writing a Case Analysis" provided.

The case analysis should be two to three pages long, double spaced. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. Citations should use APA style.

Please see ** ATTACHED ** file(s) for complete details!!


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Facebook is facing problems. It wants to sustain its growth and maintain dominance; however, it is facing problems that emanate from its strategy and its implementation. The unprecedented and possibly unplanned growth has led to technical problems like shutdowns, malfunctioning and even security breach. There are even charges of violation of intellectual property rights violation. Those who are high-profile get requests for favors, competitors are taking away chunks of business and Facebook is loosing its college friendly look.
There are several strong points about Facebook. It helps build social capital, it has attracted upscale users and is still popular among college students. On the other side there is a larger number of older users, college targeting sites are attracting more college students, and younger users are moving onto newer sites. Student exclusive networks are competing for the younger users. There are blogs that are focused on colleges. ...

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