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Management Accounting

Managerial Accounting Problems for Cosgrove, Perrson, Iron Decor

Please refer to the attached file. Managerial Accounting 560 Problem 1 Cosgrove, Inc., is a wholesaler that distributes a single product. The company's revenues and expenses for the last three months are given below: Cosgrove Company Comparative Income Statement For the Three Months Ended June 30

Managerial Accounting and Metrics

I am doing a power-point presentation of managerial accounting. One of the problems that is stumping me is: A few slides that might suggest certain metrics to monitor, how they are obtained, and whey they would be important.

Question about Functions of Managerial accounting

Operations deals with how the company is performing. Operations may be refined into different manufacturing processes such as design, materials procurement, assembly, testing and so on. A VP of operations has asked you to make a presentation at the weekly status meeting on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of e

Percentage of Sales and Cash Conversion Cycle

4. Cash Conversion Cycle. What effect will the following events have on the cash conversion cycle? a. Higher financing rates induce the firm to reduce its level of inventory. b. The firm obtains a new line of credit that enables it to avoid stretching payables to its suppliers. c. The firm factors its accounts receivable. d.

Least Cost Decision

A small sales company is committed to supplying three sales representatives with new cars. The company has two alternatives. It can either buy the three cars and sell them after two years, or it can lease the cars for two years. The company uses a 16% discount rate. The information for each alternative is as follows: Alternat

FIXED COSTS AND ALLOCATED COSTS for a maintenance department

Number 1 The maintenance department's costs are allocated to other departments based on the number of hours of maintenance used by each department. The maintenance department has fixed costs of $500,000 and variable costs of $30 per hour of maintenance provided. The variable costs include the salaries of the maintenance worke

Cost analysis variances for the Bakery

Analysis of the cost variances for the Bakery. Standard Quantities and Costs per 50 loaf batch: Materials: 60 lbs at $2.00 per lb Labor: 3 hours at $16.00 per hour Actual for June: Materials Exp: $2,310 Labor Exp: $1,200 Batches Produced: 20 (Budget was also for 20 batches) Quantity of Materials Used: 1100

Please help with these problems.

Please see attached. --- 4. Winter Company incurred direct materials costs of $500,000 during the year. Manufacturing overhead applied was $90,000 and is applied at the rate of 60% of direct labor costs. Winter Company's total manufacturing costs for the year were a. $740,000.00 b. $644,000.00 c. $5

Managerial Analysis

Please review my computations. I'm not sure about my answer for part A and I need help with part E. Thank you, I appreciate your help. Mo Vaughn and Associates is a medium-sized company located near a large metropoliatan area in the Midwest. The company manufactures cabinets of mahogany, oak, and other fine woods for use in e

Case: A company has two major businesses that it operates...

A company has two major businesses that it operates. One business manufactures and sells unicycles for commercial use in circuses, etc. (total sales of $150M), and the other sells bicycles to the public (total sales of $20M). The unicycle business occupies 75,000 square feet of the manufacturing warehouse and the bicycle bus

Which cost item is fixed and variable and why?

Cost can be classified into two categories, fixed and variable cost. These costs behave differently based on the level of sales volumes. Suppose we are running a restaurant and have identified certain costs along with the number of annual units sold of 1000. ITEM: Raw Materials (cost for hamburgers) TOTAL ANNUAL COST: 6

Relevant Cost - replacement decision

Please see ** ATTACHED ** file(s) for complete details!! This is a question from my Management Accounting class homework. It has to do with relevant costs - in this case if there needs to be a replacement of machinery. Here is the question: Two machines: Category Old Machine New Machine Acq

Management Accounting

Pls. read the attached file (The Minnetonka Corporation) and answer the following questions (The answers without considering the specific steps are also attached as "incomplete answers"): * Pls. note that the "incomplete answers" are correct answers. I need more detailed answers following the steps. Thank you. 1. Should the

Cost drivers and activity-based costing

Andrea Boss, Inc. manufactures five models of kitchen appliances at its Vista plant. The company is installing activity-based costing and has identified the following activities performed at its Vista plant. 1. Designing new models. 2. Purchasing raw materials and parts. 3. Receiving and inspecting raw materials and par

Accouting (Cost Reallocation)

To get a better understanding of cost reallocation.... Cost Reallocation The following link describes an organization's approach to inservice cost allocation: EXISTING CVP PLANT-IN-SERVICE COST ALLOCATION . ( Required: You are required to rea

Managerial Accounting

Exercise 8E-6 E8-6 The following information was taken from the annual manufacturing overhead cost budget of SooTech Company. Variable manufacturing overhead costs $33,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead costs 19,800 Normal production level in hours

Managerial Accounting

P8-4A Calpine Manufacturing Company uses a standard cost accounting system. In 2002, 32,000 units were produced. Each unit took several pounds of direct materials and 1¼ standard hours of direct labor at a standard hourly rate of $12.00. Normal capacity was 50,000 direct labor hours. During the year, 133,000 pounds of raw m

Managerial Accounting Review (50 MC Questions)

See the attached file for the full list of questions. Please select the correct choice for each one ... Use the following to answer question 1: Marger, Inc., provided the following data for two recent months: (see attachment) 1. Which of the following classifications best describes the behavior of Cost T? A) Variab

Management Accounting

The job "accountant" can mean many different things, depending on the organization, its structure, and expectations for the accounting function. For example, there are management accountants and financial accountants. Answer the following questions: 1. Why do these two groups exist? 2. What are thier responsibilities? Write

Managerial Accounting: Break-even

Data related to the expected sales of Sports, Inc. Product Unit Selling Price Variable Cost Sales Mix Golf balls $24.00 $15.50 36% Tennis balls $6.50 $3.00 24% Baseballs $8.00

Managerial Accounting

#26 At a volume of 10,000 direct labor hours, Grist Company incurs $30,000 in factory overhead costs, including $10,000 in fixed costs. Assuming that this activity is within the relevant range, if volume increases to 12,000 direct labor hours, the company can expect to incur total factory overhead costs of: a $36,000 b

Life Cycle Costing

Instruction: - read and review the attachment. Problem: 1 - Determine the life cycle costs for each pricing decision. 2 - What price for the wallet phone's life cycle will produce the most profit for Starcom? Starcom Communications Technologies, Inc., has introduced a new phone so small that it can be carried in a w

Oppotunity Cost

An investment opportunity/cost schedule __________ (a) ranks capital projects by net present value, from highest to lowest, and then compares the discount rate to the marginal cost of capital (b) ranks capital projects by internal rate of return from the highest to lowest and marginal costs from lowest to highest, and