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Management Accounting

Calculating the value of a building acquired by Janel Co

Janel Co acquired a building valued at $120,000 for property tax purpose in exchange for$8,000 shares of its 5 par common stock. The stock is selling for $15 per share. At what amount should the building be recorded by Janel Co.?

Cash Conversion Cycle for Hopewell

The Hopewell Pharmaceutical Company's balance sheet and income statement for the last year (please see attached excel spreadsheet) A. Determine Hopewell's cash conversion cycle B. Give an interpretation of the value computed in (a)

Cash discount, cash conversion cycle

1) Gouge-M is considering adding a cash discount to its credit terms. If Gouge-M offers 3 / 15 net 30 rather than its current net 30 policy, what annualized rate is the company charging customers who do not take the discount? Assume a 365-day year. a. 7.526 percent b. 37.629 percent c. 70.874 percent d. 75.258

Cost Analysis - Harleq

"That old equipment for producing subassemblies is worn out," said Kari Warner, president of Harleq Corporation. "We need to make a decision quickly." The company is trying to decide whether it should rent new equipment and continue to make its subassemblies internally or whether it should discontinue production of its subassemb

Cost Performance

The most useful evaluation of a manager's cost performance is based on: I can not figure out which one it would be. 1 Controllable costs. 2 Contribution percentages. 3 Departmental contributions to overhead. 4 Fixed expenses. 5 Direct costs.

Traditional and Activity Based Costing Methods

Electronic World Co. manufactures two types of radios, Model1 which is their high feature radio and Model2 their standard radio type. Below is the detailed production requirements for both types of radios. Model 1 Model 2 Number of radios 1000 2000 Direct materials $20/unit

Prepare cost reconciliation schedule.

Production costs chargeable to the Finishing Department in July in Murdock Company are materials $9,000, labor $23,800, overhead $18,000. Equivalent units of production are materials 20,000 and conversion costs 19,000. Compute the unit costs for materials and conversion costs. Problem Data for Murdock Company are given i

Managerial Accounting Overhead Over/Under Recovery

Q1. The table contains information provided by a business. actual direct labour hours worked 18 000 actual overhead expenditure $504 000 budgeted direct labour hours 17 000 budgeted overhead expenditure $510 000 What is the amount of the overhead over / under recovery? A $6000 over-recovered B $6000 under-recovered C $30

Depreciation Expense / Cost of new equipment

____ 1. Barone Supply bought equipment at a cost of $48,000 on January 2, 1997. It originally had an estimated life of ten years and a salvage value of $8,000. Barone uses the straight-line depreciation method. On December 31, 2000, Barone decided the useful life likely would end on December 31, 2004, with a salvage value of $4,

Cash Conversion Cycle - Parlow Packing

Please see the attachment. Parlow Packing currently has on its balance sheet: $35,750 in cash $47,000 in accounts receivable $66,000 in inventories $13,000 in accrued liabilities $72,000 in accounts payable The firm's production manager has determined that the cost of goods sold accounts for 80% of the sales revenu

Cost-benefit consideratins in developing cost information

I need help in figuring this problem out: JF Company is considering whether to undertake a new project but is unsure of the ultimate cost of the new project. The company estimates that the cost will be $150,000 with probability 0.4 and will be $200,000 with proability 0.6. The estimated revenues from the project are $170,000.

XXXX Company manufactures a variety of glass windows in its xx plant.

PROBLEM 2 XXXX Company manufactures a variety of glass windows in its xx plant. In department 1, clear glass sheets are produced, and some of these sheets are sold as finished goods. Other sheets made in department 1 have metallic oxides added in department 2 to form colored glass sheet. Some of these colored sheets are sold; o

Monthly cost analysis - Brown Company

The following activity took place in Brown Company during May: Number of units produced.... 450 units Material purchased.... 1,500 feet Material used in production... 720 feet Cost per foot of material purchased... $3 The standard cost card indicates that 1.5 feet of materials are allowed for each unit of product.

Key Data Regarding Finance Questions

P13-1 Cash conversion cycle American Products is concerned about managing cash efficiently. On the average, inventories have an age of 90 days, and accounts receivable are collected in 60 days. Accounts payable are paid approximately 30 days after they arise. The firm has annual sales of about $30 million. Assume there is no dif

Analysis of Working Capital and The Cash Conversion Cycle

Use 2004 financial statements for Amazon and Barnes and Noble to perform this analysis. Analysis of Working Capital and The Cash Conversion Cycle for Book Sellers. The cash conversion cycle is defined as the average length of time a dollar is tied up in current assets, and it is determined by the inventory conversion peri

Total Cost of Hazen Corp

Please help with the following problem. Hazen Corp. reports that at an activity level of 2,400 units, it's total variable cost is $174,504 and it total fixed cost is $55,080. Assume that this activity level is within the relevant range. For the activity level of 2,700 units, compute: a. The total variable cost. b. The

Cost Estimation Techniques

You have been studying 'fixed' costs. You learned that a number of 'fixed' costs are actually mixed costs (variable and fixed). Write a three paragraph memo to your manager explaining some of the cost estimation techniques that can help determine the fixed and variable portion of each mixed cost (such as utility costs and mainte

Solve: Working Capital and Cash Conversion Cycle

A new computer system allows your firm to more accurately monitor inventory and anticipate future inventory shortfalls. As a result, the firm feels more able to pare down its inventory levels. What effect will the new system have on working capital and on the cash conversion cycle?

Managerial Accounting Concepts and the Lean Business Model

I need help with the following assignments please: QS 18-2 Managerial accounting versus financial accounting, QS 18-3 Lean business concepts, QS 18-5 Product and period costs, and Exercise 18-3 Characteristics of financial accounting and managerial accounting. Please see the attached word document for a full description.

Managing Working Capital

A new computer system allows your firm to more accurately monitor inventory and anticipate future inventory shortfalls. As a result, the firm feels more able to pare down its inventory levels. What effect will the new system have on working capital and on the cash conversion cycle?

Describe the importance of the cash/flow conversion cycle.

In the current financial environment: In at least 300 words and at least one online source describe :1) Describe the importance of the cash/flow conversion cycle. 2) Compare and contrast various current asset management techniques. 3) Compare and contrast the various methods of short-term financing.

Allocating Costs Equitably Among Divisions

See the attached file. Allocating Costs Equitably Among Divisions This is a practice question I am having problem solving. Thanks and happy holidays. Allocating Costs Equitably Among Divisions Domestic Overseas Freight Passenger Passengers Total First quarter actual results: Hours of hangar u

Cash Conversion Cycle...

The owner of a hot dog cart purchases inventory with credit every morning and sells all of the inventory by 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The hot dogs and drinks are sold only for cash. Will the owner have a negative cash conversion cycle?

Allen Frame: Cost Concepts for higher production levels

In 2005 AFC, produced 23,000 and provided 1,000 custom framing services and sold 20,000 frames. Holding the sales and framing service constant, supose the president instructed manufacaturing to produce at levels of 26,000 and 28,000. I have attached the excel spread that I have completed so far. Write 2-3 Paragraphs explana

Changes in Accounting Principles

If management fails to provide adequate justification for a change from one generally accepted accounting principle to another, the auditor should A)Add an explanatory paragraph and express a qualified or an adverse opinion on the company's financial statements for lack of conformity with generally accepted accounting principl