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The Answer for the Special Order Decision for Juniper Corporation

Jupiter Corporation manufactures skateboards. Several weeks ago, the firm received a special-order inquiry from Venus, Inc. Venus desires to market a skateboard similar to one of Jupiter's and has offered to purchase 11,000 units if the order can be completed in three months. The cost data for Jupiter's model no. 43 skateboards follows:

Direct material $8.20
Direct labor 0.25 hours at $9.00 2.25
Tool manufacturing overhead
0.5 hours at $20 10.00
TOTAL $20.45

Additional data:
- The normal selling price of model no. 43 is $26.50; however, Venus has offered Jupiter only $15.75 because of the large quantity it is willing to purchase.
- Venus requires a modification of the design that will allow a $2.10 reduction in direct-material cost.
- Jupiter's production supervisor notes that the company will incur $3,700 in additional setup costs and will have to purchase a $2,400 special device to manufacture these units. This device will be discarded once the special order is complete.
- Total manufacturing overhead costs are applied to production at the rate of $20 per machine hour. This figure is based, in part, on budgeted yearly fixed overhead of $750,000 and planned production activity of 60,000 machine hours (5,000 per month).
- Jupiter will allocate $1,800 of existing fixed administrative costs to the order as "part of the cost of doing business."

1. Assume the present sales will not be affected. Should the order be accepted from a financial point of view (i.e. is it profitable)? Why? Show calculations.
2. Assume that Jupiter's current production activity consumes 70 percent of planned machine-hour activity. Can the company accept the order and meet Venus' deadline?
3. What options might Jupiter consider if management truly wanted to do business with Venus in hopes of building a long-term relationship?

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