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    Managerial Practices: Case Study Answers

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    See attached case file.

    I am looking for three finds and facts and three Recommendations and justifications.

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    Problem #1

    Fester was thrown into the team by Dr. Jerrold. Therefore, the team was not given any opportunity to talk about him with Dr. Jerrold or to interview him so as to obtain more background information about him and get to know him because he becomes established into the team. Moreover, Bob Knowlton failed to provide Dr. Jerrold with an honest opinion about Fester.


    The dynamics of work teams can be very fragile. For this reason, it is very important that the team be involved in the selection of members' right from the start. At times, the team as whole can spot certain things about a prospect employee based on a team interview. Therefore, the team should have been given the opportunity to decide if Fester would be a good fit or not. However, overall, I blame Bob Knowlton the most for not being honest with Dr. Jerrold when he was given the opportunity to state his opinion about Fester. Here, the team communication process was not present. Open and straightforward communication is a must for the functioning of individuals as well as work teams. This communication ...

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