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Cost of Good Manufactured

Week Two company had these accounts on a jumbled trial balance

Finished Good 03/01 40,000
Direct Materials Purchases 5,000
Supervisory and indirect Material 45,000
Sales Revenue 200,000
Finished Goods 03/31 30,000
Heat, Light, Power 8,000
Misc Manufacturing cost 10,000
Plant maintenance and Repairs 5,000
WIP 03/31 38,000
Direct Materials Inventory 8,000
Marketing and Sales Cost 50,000
Machinery Depreciation 20,000
Direct Labor 100,000
Directal Materials Inventory 03/01 9,000
Supplies and Indirect Materials 3,000
WIP 03/01 35,000

Prepare a Combined Cost of Goods Manufactured and Sold Statement.

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The solution explains how to prepare a a combined Cost of Goods Manufactured and Sold Statement.