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Global Finance

1. What is hedging? Can all risk be hedged and/or mitigated? Why or why not? Should a multinational organization hedge? Why or why not? 2. What is country risk analysis? How do you determine the most appropriate techniques or strategies to use in conducting country risk analysis? Why do firms engage

Vertical and horizontal organizational structures

Describe the nature of vertical and horizontal organizational structures. Explain why the global marketplace has applied stress to many companies forcing them to restructure into horizontally structured companies. Explain the concept of self-managed-virtual-teams and the reason they are needed in the global marketplace.

Meritocracy & Diversity

Based on the attached article: - Using Mr. Murthy's philosophy as a benchmark, how well does the company "Siemens Communications" compare to his ideal? - He described meritocracy - to what extent 'does meritocracy rule' in your work environment? - Do you agree with his statement: "The only guarantee a company has each day i

Joint Venture - Globalization

German conglomerate Siemens and hospital operator Asklepios Kliniken yesterday signed an agreement with Tongji University to jointly build a 1-billion-yuan Sino-German Friendship Hospital in Shanghai. Tongji University will hold 46 percent of the shares and Siemens 40 percent. The first phase of construction is scheduled to b

Globalization - Joint Ventures

Has Tariq Krim created a French internet blockbuster? "IF FRANCE was more like Netvibes, things might be a lot better here," says Tariq Krim, with disarming frankness. The website, which he runs out of Paris, is the most popular of a new class that lets users snap together individual components such as blog feeds, e-mail acco

MBA Education, Developing Technologies and Globalization

- In earning a MBA in Technology Management degree, what do you think is the motivation, to become better at IT-TM or to understand how businesses make decisions? - How will courses in finance, marketing, operations, etc. help a person with an MBA-TM degree in his/her career? - Do all technologically advanced companies ori

Globalization and Technology Transfer

Based on the attached articles, please respond with your opinion on how this article relates to globalization and technology transfer. If there is a technology transfer happening here, then what is it? If not then please explain your reasoning. Also, please comment if you see issues like joint ventures, or corruption or thinking

Globalization Elements

Please read BAYER's DEFINITION OF GLOBALIZATION as defined in the attached document and give examples of the 5 major elements (that which is underlined) globalization provided.

Logistics Supportability

Examine and critically analyze the following logistic question (pro/cons): Logistics supportability should be considered as being as important as operational capability and technical performance when electing a new capital system Is this really practical?

Internal & External Forces

Analyze how internal and external forces impact organizational behavior in each organization. Examples of internal and external forces which you may include in your paper are: a. Restructuring (I have done this one) b. Organizational mission (I have done this one) c. Fiscal policies (I hav

Business Management Multiple Choice Questions

2. Which of the following would not be considered a basic source of globalization? a. Similar customer needs b. Growth in trading blocks c. Advances in communication technology d. Differentiation among countries 3. The sale of government owned business to private investors in known as a. A tax sale b. Bureaucratic dives


What are the two concepts of globalization that meant the most to you?Why?

Four functions of management

Discuss how external and internal factors affect management's four functions. * The organization must be Delta Airlines. 1) Discuss how the factors below impact management's four function and include examples: a) Globalization b) Technology 2. Discuss how managers can manage the impact these factors have on managem

Management and Globalization

1) The management process consists of the following four functions; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Use an example of each of these in your workplace. You may refer to yourself or a manager in your office. 2) The business world of today is constantly and rapidly changing; identify examples in your experience

Develop a proposal to management on why using a PCN is the only appropriate course of action open to the company and why PCNs are preferred when the organization has been structured around a centralized approach to globalization.

Your company has identified an extraordinary set of opportunities for its products in SE Asia. Unfortunately, you are having difficulty persuading any of your current management team (PCNs) to take the assignment. Your field managers have been unable to identify a host national (HCN) that they feel is qualified to take the posit

Compare and Contract Pluralist and Elitist Theory

Theories such as pluralism and elitism have been developed to help explain the role groups do and ought to play in the American political process. 1. Compare and contract pluralist and elitist theory. 2. Which, in your opinion, best describes the role of groups in contemporary U.S. politics?

Question about Pros and Cons of Globalization

Opponents to globalization, like your colleague, complain that the benefits of globalization are not being shared fairly. Specifically that globalization does not necessarily "help" people in developing countries. Opponents also fear it homogenizes the world as it destroys diversity of cultures and language. Explain the stre

Expanding Unionization and Occupational Complaints

What kinds of occupational complaints do service workers have? Would unionization may be able to help resolve some of those complaints? Is there any reason why a "new collar" worker would not want the same benefits and clout that "blue collar" workers were able to get by unionizing? What might be some of the reasons why a "ne

Cross Cultural Challenges

Create a document about cross cultural challenges, cross cultural perceptions regarding globalization, business etc. What are some of the common issues most run into?

Globalization and the Financial Aspects of Multinational Firms

Please help me on the given assignment: How has globalization affected the financial aspects of multinational firms? How has the Internet created new business opportunities in the global marketplace? Does globalization make sense for all organizations? Why or why not?

Globalization and questions on Global Finance

1. which statement best explains the consequences of globalization? a. balance of payments b. creation of supply and demand c. increase in market share d. under the counter trade e. long term cash management 2. Which of the following best exemplifies the relationship among the international flow of goods, services, and c


Do you think globalization will help or hinder the growing gap between upper and lower class?


1. What is meant by the globalization of : a. financial markets? b. How was technology affected the process of globalization? c. How has globalization affected gov't regulation of national capital markets? 2. List some reasons why a U.S. based corp might issue debt denominated in a foreign currency? 3.What are the basi

Risk analysis and hedging

How do you determine the most appropriate techniques to use for assessing a country's risk profile? which country risk analysis technique would be most appropriate to use in assessing its globalization strategy (for a herbal manufacturer company) 2) What benefits do firms gain from hedging activities? Can all risk be hedge an


Do you think company culture is an indicator of the ability to perform well globally? Please provide details and examples.

Total Quality Management and Productivity

Is Total Quality Management a strategic level objective for Huffman Trucking Organization? What impact globalization may have on Huffman Trucking organization's total quality management position?

Global product, localization, globalization

1) How can financial decisions of an international subsidiary impact the profitability of an entire organization? 2) A) What is a global product? B) Can any product or service be marketed globally? Why or why not? 3) What factors support or impede the localization or globalization of products/se

Location Planning: Production Facility Layout

Manychip Corp has determined that there are three possible general locations for building a key production facility: 1) a rural location in the southwest United States that has offered major tax incentives and promised to make Manychip exempt from certain local environmental restrictions 2) an overseas location in Southeast