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    Technological advances in telecommunications Over 350 word essay with reference.

    What technological advances in telecommunications and transportation have influenced global business in the last decade? How have these technological advances affected regional economic development? What trends may be anticipated in these areas? Would globalization have been possible without these technological advances? Over

    Funder Mifflin Inc. : Global Strategy

    Funder Mifflin Inc. is looking for a strategy for implementing their new social networking site. I did my research on whether or not we should us a Global strategy for this implementation. This paper will provide an overview of the Global strategy and its competitive advantage. I will be discussing the Global forces for pric

    Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the Learning Revolution

    Review the following TED Talk and summarize Sir Robinson's main points. http://www.ted.com/talks/sir_ken_robinson_bring_on_the_revolution.html Discuss those points within the context of globalization (if relevant). Do his arguments have any connection to the notion of the transition to a "knowledge/creative economy?". Th

    The Globalization of Financial Markets

    Globalization is having pronounced effects on many industries around the world. But perhaps one of the areas globalization will change the most is in financial markets. As barriers between national financial markets are rapidly being broken down, expect huge changes in the coming years. 1. How will the globalization of finan

    Analysis of Southwest Airline's Services

    - Evaluate the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines' execution of its low-cost / low-price / no-frills strategy to the business traveller. Considering your own preferences, consider how this strategy fits your needs and how any gaps should be addressed by Southwest's management team. - In the airline industry, airplane maintenan

    Globalization's Impact on Jobs and Cultures

    1. Identify the arguments of those who say globalization creates jobs and boosts wages. 2. Summarize the claims of each side in the debate over globalization's influence on cultures.

    Auto Zone & External Environment.

    In a narrative format, discuss these firms from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in real time. 1. How would you define Auto Zone's industry? Would you include new car dealerships and/or discount

    Logistics management more complex beyond globalization

    However, over the past number of years, logistics management has increased in complexity exponentially. Due to such complexity (compounded by the rise of globalization), many companies now outsource their logistical requirements to more specialized firms. Why is logistics management more complex beyond globalization?

    Globalization and Knowledge Management

    Huber (2004) wrote on the topic of organizational learning and knowledge acquisition. He noted that a firm or organization's survival is linked to three dependencies: 1. Survival in a dynamic and competitive business environment requires innovation. 2. Innovation requires new knowledge, or a new way of combing current know

    Global finance Environment

    What are at lest three drivers of globalization? And how do they affect McDonald's financially? What are the risks associated with global investing? What is the importance of cultural sensitivity and ethics in global Finance?

    Hofstede's Four Dimensions

    Leslie Igles is being sent to Ireland as the new manager of a local subsidiary of a U.S. firm. She has a participatory management style and is known for her ability to relate to the workers by occasionally stepping in and working along side of them. Answer the following True and False questions using Hofstede's Four Dimensions.

    Human resource management

    Give an example of an organization that has flexible benefits program(s). Why or why not would organizations give flexible benefits to employees? How does the global nature of business affect performance management systems? Is this a positive or negative affect? Where are unionizing efforts focused today? are unions good

    International Business

    Please high light each right answer: 1. In some countries, bribes are commonplace. If a U.S.-based MNC decides to adhere to a strict code of ethics and not pay bribes, its subsidiary may be at a competitive disadvantage in the foreign country. A) True B) False 2. Which of the following theories identifies specializati

    Globalization of Financial Markets

    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: I have to discuss how the United States will be affected by the globalization of financial markets. Also, do you think that globalization will be a good thing or a bad thing for the US? The questions asked include: 1. What industries might be helped by globa

    Organizational Design and Structure

    CASE STUDY: DELOITTE Deloitte: "One Firm" Design, Many Partnerships Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte) has a single brand name that spans the world. It is a global network of independent member firms that provide audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services. About 165,000 professionals in 140 countries work for

    Microeconomic Analysis: Consumer Products Inc

    While sitting in your office one evening, you begin to think about some of the key microeconomic messages you want to communicate to the Board. (Key concepts include, but are not limited to, supply and demand, pricing, competition, costs & production, and economic value added.) Pick two key concepts and discuss what you will pre

    The MTV Networks case

    Read the MTV Networks case (see attached) and respond to the Case Discussion Questions. 1. What strategy did MTV pursue when it initially started to expand internationally? What assumptions were managers at MTV making about foreign markets at the time? 2. Why strategy does MTV pursue today? What are the benefits of this

    distinction between business and corporate strategy

    While Grant does not seem to come right out and say it, I think his corporate strategies - vertical integration, and globalization are concerned with cost advantage, but diversification is associated with differentiation. Perhaps the biggest difference between a 'business strategy' and a 'corporate strategy' (as Grant refers to

    Centralization vs. Decentralization

    What are the major advantages and disadvantages for centralizing or decentralizing a MNE? What are the factors that support centralization or decentralization? In your estimation what system works best? Why?

    Analyze the case: Impact of Globalization on Sonoco

    Impact of Globalization on Sonoco Finding viable locations for operations throughout the world can stabilize financial performance in a changing global economy. Such is the case with Sonoco, a $ 4- billion- a- year industrial and consumer packaging company in Hartsville, South Carolina, with 335 locations worldwide in Austral

    Origin of Purchase

    Please help answer the following questions: Do consumers take into account an item's country of origin before making a purchase? What are the advantages of an organization expanding beyond its domestic borders? Support your position in a minimum of 200 words. Include references in the solution.

    Globalization, technology, and diversity in a supervisor's job

    ?Describe how globalization, technology, and diversity impact the supervisor's job. ?Explain what it means to act and react ethically as a supervisor. Assignment Overview This research and writing exercise explores how globalization, technology, and diversity impact the supervisor's job and what it means to act and react

    Conflicts, project manager role in conflict resolution

    Outline should be properly formatted. I am looking to kick start the paper not having someone write it for me. I am looking for the paper to follow the outline I have below. Where I have written 2-3 references means I want you to provide me with 2-3 good well written / easily understood references. I have poorly managed my ti