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European Union (EU)

Case Study: Google in China and the Chinese business negotiation process

See attached files. Review the case study of Ericsson's negotiations with the Chinese telecommunications organisations. Drawing on the topics and theories that you have studied in this course, write a Discussion posting that describes what Ericsson did that was effective and what it did that was ineffective in its approach to

International Law Explanations

1) 'Over the past decade, competition between the U.S. and the EU has become more intense. The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission worked closely with their counterparts in the EU to investigate Microsoft until a dispute created a huge rift between the U.S. and EU over Boeing's acquisition of McDonnell Dougl

Benefits & detriments of the EU & US. rules regarding jurisdiction

Describe the benefits and detriments of the EU and U. S. rules regarding jurisdiction and forum in privately enforced competition laws. In what instances would both the U.S. and EU extraterritorial jurisdiction of competition laws apply? Would only one apply? What are the advantages and disadvantages, from the perspective of com

Background for the Plan

See the attachment. Background for the Plan As a participant in the AIBC, you will have an opportunity to become a published writer at the end of the conference. AIU hosts a marketing publication, "The Marketing Scene," which provides a platform for professionals and consumers to discuss new ways of marketing, the effectiv

Country Risk and Strategic Planning - Romania

Prepare a Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Paper for Romania. Analyze the following risks in your paper: 1. Political, legal, and regulatory risks 2. Exchange and repatriation of funds risks 3. Competitive risk assessment 4. Taxation and double taxation risks 5. Market risks (four Ps) 1042 words

Preliminary report for your company entering Germany; compliance with laws

Your HR team has been asked to present a preliminary report on the country your company is considering entering, which is Germany. Draft a report that addresses the following: Describe the importance of compliance with local and national employment law in the country you selected. Describe laws and regulations that would aff

Asia's Low Labor Costs Rewards

In Europe, the small mom-and-pop shoe cobblers are asking the European Union to limit the import of shoes from Asia. Meanwhile, the large shoe manufacturers in the Europe are lobbying against limiting imports because they have outsourced the work to Asia and are reaping the rewards from low labor costs. What are your recommen

Ericsson's Accounting Standards and Practices

- Identify the major sources of influence on Ericsson's accounting standards and practices. - If you were in the position of CFO, would you recommend that Ericsson adopt full IFRS or IFRS as adopted by the EU? Provide a rationale for your recommendation.

Will Financial Statements Become Obsolete?

In the 1990s, the financial press began to question the information content of traditional historical cost balance sheets. For example, Peter Drucker commented that: Balance sheets were designed to show what a business would be worth if it was liquidated today . . .What managements need, however, are balance sheets that relat

Reporting Barriers to Trade or Invest

Pick an industry or product and report on the barriers to trade or investment that five countries impose on it. Because the members of the EU have common trade policies, only one of the five countries can be an EU member. Please pick one EU country and one non-EU country and make your response in the form of a memo or report to

The Human Side of Change

THE HUMAN SIDE OF CHANGE APPLICATION: Need assistance in developing a four to five page paper on the impact of change on the human capital. You need to select a change initiative (one in your own company or one discussed in the popular media). Analyze how a change initiative was handled (from the human side of change).

Labor Mobility

It has been argued that even if intra-European Union labor mobility were to be completely removed, one should not expect to observe massive, or even large, reallocations of populations with the E.U. Please explain this to me, I need detail to understand it in 200-300 words

Price discrimination within international business.

A major ethical issue in international business is how products sold in other countries are priced. Describe price discrimination and give three examples of when price discrimination may become an ethical or even a legal issue.

European Union: Example Question

Should the European Union focus on expansion and enlargement efforts or direct its attention toward strengthening the existing treaties and constitution for current members?

European Union

Choose a country that was reluctant to join the European Union and discuss why. Choose a country that was eager to join the European Union and discuss why. Support your answer with specific details.

Intercultural Communication: Diplomacy

I need assistance in putting together a 1,200-word paper that demonstrates an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly impacted international commerce or foreign policies between countries. For discussion: How do the two countries differ in their cultural patterns? How does communication play a role

Management, Cost accounting: Varilux, Avant, Milian Pasta, DVDS, Wedig Diagnostics

10-3 Varilux manufactures a single product and sells it for $10 per unit. At the beginning of the year, there were 1,000 units in inventory. Upon further investigation, you discover that units produced last year had $3 of fixed manufacturing cost and $2 of variable manufacturing cost. During the year, Varilux produced 10,000 un

Globalization - Regional Integration

Choose a trading bloc EURO CURRENCY in the EU, write two 600-word articles, one article in favor of regional integration and another article against regional integration. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration and relate the stage of economic development of the economically integrated region to potenti

B. What does the term arbitrage profits mean? f. An American business pays $20,000, $5,000, and $15,000 to suppliers in, respectively, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada. How much, in local currencies, do the suppliers receive? g. Compute the indirect quote for the spot and forward Canadian dollar contract.

B. What does the term arbitrage profits mean? Use the following data in your responses to the remaining questions: Selling Quotes for Foreign Currencies in New York COUNTRY?CURRENCY CONTRACT $/FOREIGN Canada - dollar (CAD) Spot 0.8450 30 day 0.8415 90 day 0.8390 Japan - ye

Wedig Diagnostics: Unit cost in US and EU; income statements, direct labor v ABC

Wedig Diagnostics manufactures two laser photometers that are used in preparing DNA tests. The U.S. model is designed for use in the United States and the EU model is designed to meet the specifications in most of the European Union. Both models are manufactured in the United States. The EU models are shipped to Wedig's wholly o

Article Summary and Analysis

Please provide summary and analysis of attached article: Human resource management in the US, Europe and Asia: Differences and characteristics (Uysal, 2009). Thank you.

infrastructures and natural resources present within the Sweden

Prepare 400 words evaluating various infrastructures and natural resources present within the Sweden and host countries (e.g., port facilities, airports, roads, raw materials, telecommunications, industrial zones). Determine whether these infrastructures and the availability of natural resources opportunities to IKEA, and explai

Car Industry Report: Mitsubishi Company

Car industry report----it is an management report but also need some finance knowledge Please read the following information for detail. Harvard reference system required Research the car industry, particularly on Mitsubishi Company and answer the following question: 1. Specify the car industry, and Mitsubishi Compan