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Background for the Plan

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Background for the Plan

As a participant in the AIBC, you will have an opportunity to become a published writer at the end of the conference. AIU hosts a marketing publication, "The Marketing Scene," which provides a platform for professionals and consumers to discuss new ways of marketing, the effectiveness of advertising trends, specific ad campaigns and the impact this information has on our society.� It provides a good starting point for this assignment. Some of the stories talk about the marketing of new products or the revitalization of existing ones.

Specialized Research using the Library's Full-Text ARTICLES Databases

Marketers must learn to do solid research in support of upcoming projects. The Unit 1 IP is a research paper and should address the following:

1.What challenges does a company face when developing new products in the global economy? Describe selected challenges using examples of at least 3 product/service launches. Resources MUST include articles from the library's full-text databases.
2.After having discussed the challenges of new product launches, how has technology assisted in the effort? Report on at least 3 situations in which technology supports the marketing effort. Resources MUST include articles from the library's full-text databases.
3.Legal and ethical implications loom large in today's business environment. Describe selected challenges using examples of at least 3 legal/ethical faux pas in marketing that hit the media. The Marketing Scene devotes a section to Controversy in Ads, which may give you some ideas for your research. Resources MUST include articles from the library's full-text databases.
The assignment requires the use of ARTICLES from the library's full-text databases. Articles are found in periodicals. These are not to be confused with eBooks or Reference Books. The most popular databases in marketing are: ABI Inform Global, Academic Search Premier, and Business Source Premier.

Your report MUST include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper. In-text citations and corresponding references should be included in your paper. For more information on APA, please visit the APA Lab. The paper should be written in third person; this means words like "I", "we", and"you" are not appropriate. The use of direct quotes is discouraged, but may be used sparingly in appropriate situations.


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Marketing in the global arena requires consideration, for a variety of details or factors, that
influence buyer or consumer decisions. Developing products in a global economy can be
challenging, due to a variety of demographic and cultural factors Demand can vary greatly from
one country to another and even from one region to another. There are language barriers that
must also be considered. Some marketing messages or words do not translate well into other
languages and may be considered offensive. Another challenge for an organization expanding
into global markets, is in determining which channels are most suitable for promotion and
distribution of products.
Proctor & Gamble, a company that manufacturers soaps, laundry detergents and other
personal hygiene products, has approached global product launch by making products user friendly,
for consumers in many different countries. To overcome language barriers, the organization has
provided product package use instructions, for its Ariel laundry detergent, in 10 languages. While
this makes the product more user-friendly for consumers in many different cultures, it leaves little
space for some important information. According to Richard Tompkins (2000), the company has
made the decision to remove the information about possible skin irritants, in favor of offering
instructions and pictorials in the various languages.
Consumers who are environmentally conscious will not know what is actually in the product.
Others will not know whether the product is suitable for hot or cold water. Being user-friendly is
one product feature to consider in global markets. However, the company has overlooked the
demand for specific ingredients. In addition, with the use of pictograms, many consumers may take
the images literally, concluding that they should use a specified amount of detergent only when the
water comes from the faucet gray (Tompkins, 2000). Ariel is available through retail stores and
groceries. While most consumers will buy their laundry detergent at the local grocery store, some
may expect to find packages in the laundry center or Laundromat. In maintaining narrow channels
for promotion and consumption, the company may be missing an opportunity to promote its
product for all types of laundry situations.
Gillette is a company known for its razors and shaving products. When the company made
the decision to market its Mach 3 razor, many analysts were sceptical, citing the price as an obstacle
for product success globally. However, the company conducted research on many markets and
tested its product in markets around the world. "It had to work for the blue-collar worker in Des
Moines as well as the executive in Milan" (Rifkin, 1999). Shaving is a universal activity, but different
cultures may view the value of a disposable razor differently. Some may prefer a non-disposable
product. Gillette has capitalized on the fact that men are busier in many cultures and want a means
of shaving that is quick and easy.
While promoting a high priced disposable razor is risky, Gillette chose the Mach 3 product to
introduce in global markets. Without focusing too much on written promotions, the company has
capitalized on a name that many consumers will recognize, from auto racing. The product comes
with a more upscale name that invokes an image of competition, speed and skilful driving.
Consumers who relate to the ...

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