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    Preliminary report for your company entering Germany; compliance with laws

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    Your HR team has been asked to present a preliminary report on the country your company is considering entering, which is Germany. Draft a report that addresses the following:

    Describe the importance of compliance with local and national employment law in the country you selected. Describe laws and regulations that would affect employment.


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    In terms of local and national employment policies, according to www.perhqusareur (2010) in discussing recruitment sources, family members of US military and civilian personnel, regardless of nationality will be given preference for most positions in Germany; the family member preference applies predominantly when a local national position must be filled from external sources; in that case, a family member is always considered before an external local national applicant (except for a local national severely handicapped applicant) for any nonsupervisory position up to a C-6a and equivalent and for all wage grade positions.

    In terms of vacancy announcements, according to www.perhqusareur (2010) actual and anticipated vacancies are published on open continuous or special announcements; the announcements contain information about the type of position, the location, the duties to be performed, the pay, special employment conditions such as shift work, night, Sunday and/or Holiday work, or heavy lifting requirements; the announcements also include information about qualification standards and special skills requirements, such as foreign language requirements, driver's license, computer knowledge; special announcements are open for a minimum period of 10 work days; open continuous announcements are valid for up to 12 months; actual vacancies are predominantly announced on special announcements; anticipated vacancies are announced on open continuous announcements, and when this is done, it will not again be announced on a special announcement when the position becomes actually vacant.

    In terms of the minimum and maximum age of employment, according to www.perhqusareur (2010) the minimum age for employment with the US Forces is 15 years; the minimum age may be reduced to 14 for employment of apprentices; there is no maximum age limit; however, employment of individuals 65 years and older is only authorized on a temporary basis and requires prior approval by "HQ USAREUR/7A." According to this site, the prior approval requirement is based on Article 46, CTA II, which mandates that employment will end without advance notice on the last day of the month in which an employee completes his/her 65th year of age. According to this site, supervisors and selecting officials may not hire, promote, or favor relatives, or support their employment; the term ...

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    A preliminary report for your company entering Germany is examined. The compliance with laws are examined.