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    Car Industry Report: Mitsubishi Company

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    Car industry report----it is an management report but also need some finance knowledge

    Please read the following information for detail.

    Harvard reference system required

    Research the car industry, particularly on Mitsubishi Company and answer the following question:

    1. Specify the car industry, and Mitsubishi Company.

    2. Research the condition in the industry. What forces are impacting the industry? For example, it could be affected by changing demographics, legislation, higher oil prices, major technological breakthroughs or globalization? Is it a declining or expanding industry? Is it likely to be affected by the current downturn in the economy or changing interest rates?

    3. Identify if this is an attractive industry for Mitsubishi to be competing in. Apply Michael Porter's model to decide if it is attractive. Other possible approaches would be discuss the industry in terms of its stage of development and the challenges facing businesses as the industry develops, or as a set of strategic moves between two major parties. Try to take a dynamic approach- consider what is changing and whether the attractiveness of the industry is changing.

    4. Prepare a competitor profile

    5. Calculate financial ratios, and show workings, such as: liquidity ratios, efficiency ratios, solvency ratios, profitability ratios, investment ratios

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