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    Benefits & detriments of the EU & US. rules regarding jurisdiction

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    Describe the benefits and detriments of the EU and U. S. rules regarding jurisdiction and forum in privately enforced competition laws. In what instances would both the U.S. and EU extraterritorial jurisdiction of competition laws apply? Would only one apply? What are the advantages and disadvantages, from the perspective of competition law, in having a wholly foreign subsidiary in Europe?

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    Competition Laws, also referred to as Anti-trust laws in the United States are laws that promote competition within the markets by regulating anti-competitive behavior. The benefits of such regulations include the banning abusive behavior exercised by monopolistic firms and the prohibition of practices that restrict free trading between businesses. On the other hand, the detriments of such rules include the reduction of the amount of inflows of foreign direct investments received by a nation ...

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    The expert describes the benefits and detriments of the EU and US rules regarding jurisdiction.