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    Reporting Barriers to Trade or Invest

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    Pick an industry or product and report on the barriers to trade or investment that five countries impose on it. Because the members of the EU have common trade policies, only one of the five countries can be an EU member. Please pick one EU country and one non-EU country and make your response in the form of a memo or report to your boss or management.

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    The telecommunications industry, specific cellular services, has restrictions or barriers to trade in many countries. Five of those nations are Mexico, Colombia, Korea, Germany and Turkey. Barriers are evaluated using two different methods. One is the tariff equivalent model and the other model is the Constructed Ad Valorem Tariff Equivalent Estimate.

    Turkey is of great interest, as it has a high domestic to foreign barrier ratio of 19:33 percent. However, using the Ad Valorem equivalent model, its ...

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    This solution discusses an industry and reports on the barriers to trade or investment that five countries impose on it.