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    Zowie Productions is considering several countries and regions to export to, but to conserve resources and gain experience; they want to focus on only one to start. You will be writing reports for Abbie on each of these, from which one will be chosen. The EU is the first country/area report you are preparing. What incentives and trade barriers (tariff and nontariff) does the EU offer for exports to it, in particular technology products such as games? What protections does it provide for intellectual property? What restrictions does the U.S. place on exports of technology items, especially software such as Abbie's? In which of the 10 broad categories of the Commerce Control List is Legends and Exploits included? What is the applicable product group?

    Be sure to use sources from the Library and the Internet. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    //Prior to writing for this query, you should visit some online and offline sources to be aware of the 'trade barriers and benefits' of doing business in EU. I am going to help you on this topic, which would assist you to fulfill your query. See the text below: //

    European Union
    European Union (EU) is the merger of 27 member states that is situated principally in Europe. Through a consistent system of laws, the EU has built a single market which is related to all the member states. It assures the freedom of movement of individuals, commodities, services and funds (Cheruliam, 2005). The imperative institution of the EU encompasses the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Council, the European Court of Justice and the European Central Bank. With a population larger than USA and a GDP near to that of US and much higher than that of Japan, EC is the largest market in the world. It is the largest exporter and importer of the world (Tariffs and non-tariff measures in trade of forest products, 2005)

    If a company wants to join the EU for exporting its business; it must value the doctrine and deals upon which the EU is established. According to the treaties in agreements of European Union, the companies must value the principles earlier they can join the EU. Agreements confirm that "The European Union is based on the political theory of liberation, democratic system, respect for human rights & ideologies which are ordinary for the Member States". Some principles which are required to be achieved by the company to select the country and become a member of the EU include:

    § Political Principle: The Company should work under the political conditions of countries in providing definite democracy, the decree of law, human rights and admiration for and safety of minorities.

    § Financial Principle: The survival of a running market economy as well as the ability to deal with aggressive force and market forces inside the Union is necessary for the company.

    § Institutional Principle: The Zowie production Corporation should have the capability to take on the compulsions of association, which contain the goals of political and economic union (Conditions of Membership, 2005).

    //In the above part, we discussed about European Union and principles, which are required to become the member of EU. In the following part, we will find out the 'Barriers' a company, may find, while trading in EU. //

    Barriers to Trade in European Union

    A trade barrier is a common term that explains any regime policy or instruction that confines international trade. It can take many shapes, including import duties, import licenses, export licenses, import allowance, taxes, subsidies, non-tariff barriers to trade, local substance necessities. Most of the trade barriers work on the similar principle I.e. The obligation of some kind of cost on trade that lifts the price of the traded products. Other trade barriers comprises of differences in culture, traditions, society, laws, ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1736 words with references.