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    Slovenia - A Unique European Country

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    Select a country in Europe and explain what makes this country unique and its significance to the European region. Whether in the European Union or not. 1/2 to 1 page in length.

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    I have chosen the little-known country of Slovenia. As your word-count is limited, II have decided to create a concise narrative in general below. Pictures are included to enhance communicating about the country. These images can be seen in the attached word document version. Thank you for using Brainmass. Good luck!

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    Slovenia - Little Known European Gem

    When you hear the name 'Slovenia', images of an Eastern Bloc former territory struggling for stability comes to mind. True, Slovenia was once part of the Eastern bloc due to its geography and had a tumultuous history in the making of its present state. The Slovenia of today however is an actively developing economic state, thanks to its entry into the European Union in 2004. Of the newly entered States into the Union, Slovenia enjoys the highest per capita due to an impressive GDP currently slated at $29,472. Economic development withstanding, the reason behind its 'gem' status is the beauty of the landscape, the richness of its culture and history as well as a well-run welfare state modelled after Germany, one of Europe's foremost economic democracy. The cities of Slovenia ...

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    The solution is a narrative on Slovenia, presenting a comprehensive yet concise description and picture of this European Country - what makes it unique and its importance in the European region. The solution follows the APA format. The word version attached has embedded images to exemplify geography, landscapes and practiced culture.