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European Union compared to United States Government

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What was the main goal of the European Union?
The European Union, or EU, a collaborative effort between 27 European countries, is a partnership between European countries created in the aftermath of World War II. "The EU has worked to increase economies and spread human rights advances worldwide. The EUs goals included uniting Europe toward common goals, providing aid to developing nations by continuing prosperity, freedom, communication, and ease of travel and commerce for its citizens."1
"The EU has delivered half a century of peace, stability, and prosperity. They have launched a single European currency, helped to raise living standards, and are progressively building a single Europe-wide market in which people, goods, services, and capital move among member states as freely as within one country."2
The creation of the single market and the corresponding increase in trade and general economic activity transformed the EU into a major trading power. The EU is trying to sustain economic growth by investing in transport, energy and research, while also seeking to minimize the environmental impact of further economic development.
The EU actively promotes human rights and democracy and has the most ambitious emission reduction targets for fighting climate change in the world. Thanks to the abolition of border controls between EU countries, it is now possible for people to travel freely within most of the EU. It has also become much easier to live and work in another EU country.
How many countries are now members?
"Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and The United Kingdom are the 27 member countries of The European Union."4

What was the 1995 Transatlantic agenda based on?
"In 1995, in Madrid, American and European leaders agreed on a new Transatlantic Agenda. The agenda envisioned creation of a New Transatlantic Marketplace. EU-U.S. consultations were set up to dismantle obstacles to trade and investment and to strengthen cooperation on issues such as competition policy. Nongovernmental dialogues were launched between members of the consumer, environmental, labor and business communities. The Transatlantic Business Dialogue has offered practical recommendations addressing nearly all outstanding transatlantic economic concerns."5
"The NTA contains four broad objectives for U.S.-EU collaboration: promoting peace and stability, democracy and development around the world; responding to global challenges; contributing to the expansion of world trade and closer economic relations; and building bridges Across the Atlantic."6
How is the EU's government different from that of the U.S?

What is Padania, where is it located, and what are some of the issues involved?

Do you think regional alliances render the concept of the sovereign state obsolete?

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How is the EU's government different from that of the U.S?
While the EU similarities to the US such as three branches of Government, universal suffrage for those 18 and older it differs widely based on where the power flows from. The power or sovereignty in the US flows from the people to an elected representative to act in the government. The EU's power flows from the 27 nations that make up the EU. Similar to a confederacy, a loose alliance of ...

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