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    Capital Budgeting

    Imagine you are Jim, a small business owner who runs the local bakery. You and your wife Jane are considering buying a new oven for the bakery. One oven costs $10,000 today; the other oven costs $12,000, but you only have to pay a $2,000 deposit, and the rest you will pay in installments over the next five years. Which one do you decide to purchase? What if another bakery across town is put up for sale, would you and your wife consider purchasing it and expanding your business? What if you own both bakeries and one is becoming more difficult to run, when does it make sense to abandon it? These types of decisions are known as capital budgeting decisions and are an important part of the long-term financial planning of any business.

    Capital budgeting is the term that describes the long-term planning and decision-making associated with investments such as new property, plants and machinery, replacing old machinery, creating new products, and undertaking research and development projects.

    Capital budgeting tools help managers plan for financing (or the acquisition of needed funds) and to make decisions about what opportunities a company should pursue. In our introduction (see Finance) we suggest that the goal of any successful financial manager should be to increase the value of the firm to shareholders. As a result, most financial managers make capital budgeting decisions by evaluating how an investment decision will impact the value of the firm; that is, will an investment decision make the firm's shareholders better off by increasing the value of the firm?

    The method most commonly used to determine whether a project should be accepted or not is called Net Present Value (NPV). The NPV method takes all of the future cash inflows and outflows associated with a project and discounts them to the present period using an appropriate discount rate (we assume all cash flows are after tax, typically). If the net present value of a project is negative, this suggests that the project will decrease firm value and, as a result, it should not be accepted. A positive NPV project may be accepted, but is often subject to further criteria. For example, when a business must choose between two projects both with a positive NPV, they may choose the project with the higher NPV, the lower payback period, the higher profitability index, or a higher equivalent annual annuity. Businesses may also have in place policies, for example, that a project must have a rate of return that is higher than some threshold in order to be accepted.

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    Net Present Value (NPV)

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    The net present value is equal to all the cash inflows and outflows of a project discounted by a risk-appropriate cost of capital to the current period. If the sum of the discounted cash flows is positive, we should accept the project.

    Real Options Valuation

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    Real options look at business opportunities such as delaying, abandoning, expanding, staging, or contracting capital investment projects and making decisions about input and output mix or operating scale for products.

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    Corporate Finance Project

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    Cost Of Capital and WACC

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    Capital Budgeting and Sensitivity Analysis Paper

    Details: In this assignment, Bigtime Conglomerate is making a decision to acquire BG Enterprises. The learner will review and modify, as necessary, the model for the Capital Budget and perform two sensitivity analyses of the data. The learner will write a paper that summarizes the changes in the model based on changes made, con

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    Different Capital Budgeting Methods

    Discuss the major capital budgeting methods used by corporations to evaluate projects. Why do many corporations continue to use the payback period method? Which method do you prefer? Explain why you prefer this method. APA format for any quotations or citations, plus minimum 300 words.

    Bond ratings and government debt.

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    Bonds and Default Statements

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    Capital and Revenue Expenditures

    Capital expenditure increases an asset's capacity or useful life. On the other hand, revenue expenditures help in maintaining an asset or restoring it to working condition. Consider the features of capital and revenue expenditure and respond to the following: •List five points of difference between capital and revenue expe

    Equity and Debt Financing

    Can someone please identify ways to finance a small business cafe? Also, compare and contrast the benefits and challenges of the methods you mentioned. Lastly, could you describe the financial statements and how they will be used for the business? Thank you!

    Maximum Bank and Scientific Software, Inc.: Alternative financing

    Maximum Bank has analyzed the accounts receivable of Scientific Software, Inc. The bank has chosen eight accounts totaling $134,000 that it will accept as collateral. The bank's ters include a lending rate set at prime plus 3% and a 2% commission charge. The prime rate currently is 8.5%. a. The bank will adjust the accounts by

    Steps to Handle an Economic Recession

    How can the public sectors budget remain balance in an economic recession? In particular, child-welfare, public works, and other related budgetary mandates.

    Hildebrand Corp Net Operating Working Capital

    Hildebrand Corp had the following current asset and current liability account balances for 2007 through 2010. Given: In Millions of $ 2010 2009 2008 2007 Cash & Equivalents $807,926

    Reports on Localization

    Put together the following reports on Accounting & Control (A&C) Localization (LIO). Problem: a. SIT Test Strategy b. Test Plan c. Test Data d. Role and Responsibilities of each team member e. Obtain sign off. See the attached file.

    River County: Total cost of capital projects

    River County is planning to purchase of two new garbage trucks at $150,000 each, one new bulldozer at $240,000, and three new riding lawn mowers at $16,000 each. They also plan to build an activity center in the downtown area for $650,000. The expected life of the garbage trucks is ten years, eight years for the bulldozer, fiv

    FASB vs GASB: Article about differences (Higher Education as example)

    Find an article through ProQuest which discusses the differences between government and private sector accounting and finance. With your article and the assigned readings for the week, discuss the differences in government and private sector accounting and finance. Remember to properly cite your sources.

    Proportion of the firm is financed with debt

    How firms estimate their cost of capital: The WACC for a firm is 13.00 percent. You know that the firm's cost of debt capital is 10 percent and the cost of equity capital is 20%. What proportion of the firm is financed with debt?

    Amortization Schedule for Two Loans

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    Calculating the Net Present Value of Education

    Diane has just 18 and also completed high school and is wondering about the value of a college education. She is pretty good with numbers, and driven by financial considerations only, so she sits down to calculate whether it is worth the large sum of money. She knows that her first year tuition will be $12,000, due at the beginn

    Terminal value and discount back to the present

    On January 1, 2004, shares of Company X trade at $6.50 per share, with 400 million shares outstanding. The company has net debt of $300 million. After building an earnings model for Company X, you have projected free cash flow for each year through 2010 as follows: Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 20

    Present value of single sum

    Find the present value for the following: - In 15 years you will be given $79,000 - Assume an inflation rate of 2.4%