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Business Philosophy and Ethics

Subject: Business Ethics- Crisis management

In your business experience, consider the number of situations you have experienced where a crisis occurred. Reflect on the response process and whether all stakeholders were well served in a fair and ethical manner. In the summary, share the facts of the crisis and your analysis of whether it was the best response for all stake

Subject: Business Ethics- Ethical Issues

When analyzing stakeholder approaches to ethical dilemmas, it's not uncommon for the issues and stakeholders to be interrelated. Typically, these issues are "hot" issues. Consider and address the following: What hot ethical issue is emerging in the business world today? Of the different approaches to analyzing ethical

Subject: Business Ethics- Personal Views / Using the Quick Test

Prepare a personal statement of your current thinking and understanding of business ethics. Include: A summary of the quick test results as you perceive them (see attachment). You do not need to reveal your test score. Summarize the quick test results as valid or not valid, based on your view. An explanation of why eth

AICPA and Ethics Main Objectives

What are the main objectives of the AICPA code of professional conduct and how does the code relate to protecting the public? Be specific. A bookkeeper makes a significant posting error, which she later discovers and corrects. In fear of losing her job, she does not report the mistake to her supervisor. How should she have han

Ethics Behavior: identify and explain why ethical behavior and actions are critical when conducting research, as well as the impact to the organization, customer, research project...

Using the Library, Internet, or any other available resources, identify and explain why ethical behavior and actions are critical when conducting research, as well as the impact to the organization, customer, research project, results, and participants. At a minimum, honesty, integrity, intellectual property, use of human subjec

Analyze two articles on business ethics; critical issues

1. Research and analyze two articles on business ethics. 2. Analyze and explain the critical issues discussed in each article. 3. Analyze and explain the recommended solutions for these issues. 4. Analyze and explain what organizations need to do to address these issues. 5. Analyze and describe the legal and societal r

Ethical dilemma and code of ethics

Conflicts of Interest The Company recognizes and respects the right of its employees to engage in outside financial activities so long as those activities are legal and do not impair, interfere or conflict with the conscientious performance of their Company duties and do not involve damage to or misuse of the Company's name,

Accounting ethics for Section 1244 stock

A corporation, owned by one owner, decides to go out of business due to excessive losses. When the stock was originally issued, the owner did not specify that the stock purchased (at a price of $1000) would be considered §1244 stock. Now that the company is being dissolved, the owner realizes that the loss on the stock would be

Privacy, Drug Testing, Merit, Negligence vs Intentional Homicide

See the attached file. ONE: Let's go off into privacy questions. Nothing is at greater risk in terms of privacy than our medical you agree? Or, are your financial records more at risk, especially given events in the news lately. Which is greater in your mind (yes, you have to pick one)? Why? TWO: Drug testin

Audit Ethics in the BizCaz audit: Bargain purchase or shirts for audit staff

You have been with Zaird & Associates for approximately three months and are completing your work on the BizCaz audit. BizCaz produces pullover knit shirts to address the business casual market forboth men and women. Although your experience has been limited, an unexpected staff resignation has resulted in your working directl

Analyze the Organization Development Network

Organization Development Network - Complete an analysis of the organization above and make certain to include the following elements in your analysis: (1) Founding date of organization (2) Organizations focus/interest (3) Ethics and/or code of conduct (4) Offerings for their respect

Applying Classic Systems Analysis

Let's apply classic systems analysis to the question: Who is responsible for quality? Systems analysis consists of the following functions: input (materials, resources), thruput (processes, transformations), output (goods, services) and control group to coordinate the system. Briefly describe how you would hold perso

Ethics of students taking books from a bookstore without paying

Your friend shows you some books he took from the bookstore without paying for them. When you question him about it, he says, Sure I took them. But I'm no different than anybody else around here. That's how we all manage to get through school on limited funds. I'll be a better medical professional because of all the knowledge I

US Global Small Arms Sales and Subsequent Responsibility

Please help with the following problem. As the world's largest arms exporter, the U.S. has increased the sale of small arms and light weapons, to secure cooperation in the "War on Terror." In your opinion should United States provide moral leadership to combat the gravest humanitarian crises? The abundance of small arms used

Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace

I have to use the Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments to revisit my values. Please help with the following (short suggestions, no more than 700 words) a. Explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan, considering stakeholder needs. b. Explain

Ethics and Accountability

Should non-profit organizations be held to different ethical standards than for-profit corporations? Should management walk the talk by emulating the companys mission and value statement? How does it affect employee moral? Why is it important to have behaviors aligned with corporate values? Should employees be rewarded for perfo

Socially Responsible Activities for a Major University

You have been hired as a consultant for a major university which desires to be more socially responsible. Describe three socially responsible activities the university can participate in to achieve their goal. Describe in detail the activity, the objective of the activity and the benefits the company might expect to receive from

Medical Ethics

Scenario: Ocean Health is a nonprofit, community-based, healthcare delivery network in Medford, Oregon, which includes three acute-care hospitals, a network of more than 1500 physicians, a broad ambulatory care network, home healthcare, and associated support services. The organization has a compliance department that is s

How do Wikis complicate issues of manners and ethics?

How do wikis complicate issues of manners and ethics? Changing someone's words in a traditional book, for example, might range from being rude to legally actionable. You would not do so without asking the author, which is not the case in a wiki.

Business Ethics

What is the difference between negligence and intentional homicide? Can negligence ever get to the point where it can be considered intentional? Please consider the issues of intent and "due care" in thinking about how one might hold a corporate official criminally liable for the death of an employee.

Utilitarian and Deontological business ethics are applied to the right to informational privacy and pretexting using a case study of HP's former CEO Patricia Dunn. 2,000 worlds, MLA with references.

Former HP CEO Patricia Dunn resigned in 2006 due to her actions to secure corporate secrets for HP. She hired private investigators that posed as journalists and infiltrated the company's intranet in order to find the HP personnel responsible for the very public leaks. This sanctioned use of pretexting cost Ms. Dunn her job.

Two Theoretical Approaches to Ethics

Research and prepare comprehensive review of two theoretical approaches to ethics, one of which should be the normative ethical theory. To understand the relevance of ethical theories to current organizational situations, apply these theoretical perspectives to at least one specific ethical dilemma that leaders and/or managers a