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    International Business

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    Part I
    You are planning to expand your fast-food hamburger franchise internationally and have decided to open in London, Mexico, and China. What are some of the considerations to keep in mind concerning the values that the different cultures have on food and eating, the social behaviors to be sensitive to regarding employees and customers, the training required, the work attitudes, and any ethical standards that you would like to impart? Are the attitudes in the countries individualistic or collective?

    Part II
    If you were to send your top managers to these countries, what type of cultural shock should they expect? How would you help them alleviate this stress?

    Part III
    In many countries, "expeditors" can help you cut through layers of bureaucracy so that you can get your business done or done faster. Expeditors are normally paid for what they do, and they ask you to help finance others that will move your business request through the system faster. The methods that are being used could ultimately be illegal, or maybe not.

    - If your managers needed to be asked, would you seek out an expeditor if the methods in the United States are perceived as illegal but acceptable in the country they are trying to open the franchise in?
    - What business ethics are involved in this decision?

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    Part I:

    London has special tastes which need to be incorporated in hamburger menu. To attract customers, the patties must have ingredients like oxtail, cuttlefish, and pork jowl. If the hamburger has tastes that appeal to the English palate it will be easier to market in England. Some other ingredients that must be sandwiched in hamburgers meant for London are rack of venison, frozen figs, and steak. The employees and staff of the hamburger restaurant in London should be formal and try not to talk of the price of hamburgers unless asked for by the customer. The employees should look right into the eyes of the customers, must not expect tips, and make ample use of please and thank you. They should not smoke in the restaurant. The restaurant personnel should address the person from the part of England he is from. The staff in the hamburger restaurant should recognize the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish. The attitudes in London are highly individualistic. The personnel should be honest and truthful in their dealing.

    Mexicans have special taste and this must be incorporated in the food sold in Mexico. Some of the ingredients that must be included in hamburgers (especially in North Mexico) are beef, goat and ostrich. Meat in the arrachera cut should be used in hamburgers. Also, grilled meat must be stuffed in hamburgers. In the Western part of Mexico, it is necessary to use goat birria in hamburgers. In Central Mexico, carnitas is very popular. Either the hamburger restaurant should incorporate carnitas in hamburgers or serve good quality carnitas. In Southern Mexico, chicken based hamburgers are likely to be very popular. The hamburger restaurant should also have white flowers for decoration as these will create a good impression. However, red flowers or marigolds should not be used in restaurants. The hamburger restaurant personnel ...

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