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    PowerPoint Presentation--Martha Stewart

    Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) and its founder, Martha Stewart, have been prominently in the news over the felony conviction of its namesake founder. Use the South University Online Library Databases and Internet websites to search for different news reports regarding this issue and identify at least three different perce

    Staffing Organization Assessment

    Some methods of initial assessment appear to be more useful than others. If you were starting your own business, which initial assessment methods would you use and why?

    Job Opportunities Map

    Create a diagram in PowerPoint® or Word mapping job opportunities starting from, or advancing to, the position of a school psychologist.Describe the additional training necessary for employees to advance according to the map. Explain the role of organizational incentives and mentoring in developing talent pools. This additional

    Pick 5 members of the group to put out of a fallout shelter

    We are trapped in a fallout shelter with a group of people and cannot leave it for 6 months. There are 9 people in the shelter and only enough food to keep 4 members alive for 6 months. Which of the following 9 people do we throw out of the shelter?: A male carpenter 25 years old, a male biologist 50 years old, a female attorney

    List and define three types of maintenance.

    List and define three types of maintenance. Which is the most frequent form of maintenance? Why? What can the systems analyst do to reduce this form? How does systems maintenance and support differ? How does implementing a maintenance change differ from developing a new system?? How are they similar?

    FDA Substitutes

    What if the agency is important, like the FDA, SEC or OSHA? What happens during the period that it's out of existence?

    Operations management problem- design of goods and services

    You have a project to complete that your experts have indicated will take 6 weeks at a cost of $14,000 per week, regardless of which option you choose. However, some tasks within the options will get completed on time, and some will be late, no matter what you do - and there is an associated probability for each of the tasks wi

    Managing e-business Barriers

    Discuss the barriers to selling traditionally hands-on products (i.e. cars, clothing) on the Internet and cite at least one example of a company/approach that overcame this barrier. Keep in mind homemade and specialty candies are a complicated business model. Also, cite at least one example of a company/industry that is successf

    Service quality - gap model

    I need specific examples of the gap model for the hospitality industry. gap 1 not knowing what customers expect gap 2 not having the right service quality designs and standards gap 3 not delivering to service standards gap 4 when promises do not match performance

    moral reasoning and behavior

    Can you respond with a very detailed answer? This is for Ethics in Management Class. I believe this question is asking "why in similar situations do we act with different moral reasoning?" Maybe it also suggests that even though the situation is the same, the circumstances surrounding it can be different and we act with differen


    This is the first assignment.Topic proposal, you will need to "sell" me on the topic. The more information you provide the better. Your research will need at least 10 sources, comprised of articles, books and Internet sources. Your topic proposal should be at minimum 2-3 paragraphs. Please refrain from using, "I", "me", "my" etc

    Pro-Audio Sales Agent Program

    After nearly 18 months of experimenting with the Pro-Audio Sales Agent Program, Steve March was pondering the difficult assignment of re-evaluating the Pro-Audio Sales Agent Program. The program has been extolled by some as "creative" and "pioneering", and an important effort to stem the tide of discounting that seemed to be ha

    Management class

    Prepare a 1000 word article in which you define the four functions of management(planning, organizing, leading adn controlling) as you observe them in action around you.


    Ma & Pa Kettle's Chili Company have started up a business selling their new chili recipe and they want you to help them with next year's sales forecast. Using the worksheet below, complete Ma & Pa's financial forecast and answer the questions which follow. To begin with, Ma & Pa are sure sales will grow 50% next year. Assum

    Performance metrics for the service industry

    How does the operations function relate to the service industry, e.g., Starbucks, a call center, etc.? What performance metrics are more critical here as compared to a traditional manufacturing operation? Provide specific examples.

    Functions Quantitative Reasoning

    Think of a mathematical function that represents something from your own life. For example, suppose the number of beers you drink depends on the number of football games you watch. If you drink five beers during every football game, the function would be: Number of Beers (B) = 5 times Number of Football Games (F), or B = 5F

    Concepts in Strategic Management

    Answer the following: Conduct an External Environmental Scan for your organization and place each trend on a 3x5 index card. Identify the key trends in the social and task environments. Cluster the scan cards into the following areas: social, technological, economic, ecological, political and industry trends. Select key trend

    Strategic Management and Communication Methods

    ? Why is communication important to proper strategic management. ? Who communicates the company strategy? ? Mention a couple of methods that a company uses effectively to communicate updates to strategies.

    Business Research Methods: Customer and Impact

    Business Research Methods - Additional questions 1. Who is your ultimate customer when writing a research proposal? 2. How does your customer impact your research proposal? 3. What were some of the most important ideas you learned about Research from this week's study? How might you apply something you learned at work o

    Equivalent units of production for the year

    A company's January 1 goods in process inventory contained 30,000 units that were 1/4 complete with respect to direct labor. The beginning inventory was completed this year and another 120,000 units were started. Of those started, 80,000 were finished and the remaining 40,000 were left 1/5 complete. Calculate the equivalent unit