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    Setting goals for children.

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    I think that setting goals for your children proves that you are nothing but a responsible parent, as long as they are not too controlling (you know ... your dreams, not theirs). This also gives you fulfillment that they can learn to use this process on their own and is proven with their lifelong achievements. I guess you could categorize these goals of theirs as your goals too. You only wish for the best for them. Explain

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    As mentioned previously, goals for your children are beneficial as long as the goals are theirs, not yours; however, some people believe that it is restrictive and controlling to impose long-term goals upon children. Some may say that goals are better left to the child to determine once they reach a certain age and are able to determine what their own wants and needs are for the future. While I do agree that children should be in charge of their own choices in their own development, but at its ...

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