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Differentiated instruction to meet individual needs

Identify an area of change related to the implementation of differentiated instruction. Develop a plan on how the plan can be implemented in a early childhood classroom citing:
1. background of students, staff, educational setting
2. goals/objectives
3. plan of action including strategies
4. assessment
5. resources including time, personnel costs
6. professional development that will be required.

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Differentiation can occur in three ways within the curriculum. These are:
1) Content (what student should know, understand or be able to do)
2) Process ((learning activities)
3) Product (how students demonstrate their learning)

Differentiation can occur based on any of the following elements:
1) Readiness (stage of development)
2) Interest (what motivates/engages the student)
3) Learning profile (shaped by culture, gender, learning style or intelligence).

One way to approach this question would be to choose one these as your area of change, for example, you ...

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This response includes three specific ways to plan for differentiation based on content, process and product. It explains the elements of readiness, interest and learning profile on which differentiation can be based.

The example of differentiation for teaching phonemic awareness is provided.