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    Corporate Governance Described

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    Describe corporate governance

    Using the U.S. and German systems of corporate governance desribe two differences that are important and give reasons.

    Explained the impact of these differences on corporations' effectiveness in the global economy

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    // As per the requirements of the paper, the first section will focus on discussing, as to what is "Corporate Governance". It will give you some introductory knowledge about what actually the mentioned concept, is. //

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance is a way in which an organization is administered and controlled with the help of various policies, laws, processes and customs. It includes the various objectives for which the organization exists and the relationship between the various stakeholders. The various stakeholders of a company include the employees, customers, workers, board of directors etc. The concept of corporate governance defines the various responsibilities that need to be accomplished, for organizational efficiency. Effective corporate governance strengthens the economy of ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 527 words with references.