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Business Ethics

Ethical Issues: Various Theories and Concepts

Details: Discuss the following theories/concepts: Utilitarianism, Rights and Justice, The Market System, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Kantianism, Egalitarian Theory, Libertarianism, and Virtue Ethics. Summarize and analyze these theories/concepts. Objective: Describe basic ethical issues facing today's society. Explain the preva

What ethical issues could be encountered when collecting research data?

1.What ethical issues could be encountered when collecting research data? 2 What issues could be present when collecting data in foreign countries? 3 How has the Internet and technology changed data collection opportunities? 4.What are the advantages and of primary disadvantages and secondary data?

Ethical Delemma

Pretend for a minute that your Carl Kaufmann of Du Pont. Assume that federal health investigators are pursing a report that one of your manufacuting plants has a higher-than average incidence of cancer among its of cancer among its employees. The plant happense to keep excellant medical records on all its employees, streching b

Scott Putman owns and operates a lawn care company

I need help writing a 1 Page Paper outlining the ethical misconduct of the company I have attached in this problem. Scott Putman owns and operates a lawn care company. Like most companies in the lawn care business, his company experiences high level of employee turnover. However, he finds it relatively easy to replace employe

Cathy's Classic Clothes

Cathy's Classic Clothes is a retailer that sells to professional women in the northeast. The firm leases space for stores in upscale shopping centers, and the organizational structure consists of regions, districts, and stores. Each region consists of two or more districts; each district consists of three or more stores. Each st

Building an Ethical Organization - Mission Statement and Value Statement

You have just been appointed as the director of a new health care or human service organization (for example, a public health clinic). As the director, one of your first tasks is to draft a mission statement and a values statement for your organization. As your organization grows, your stakeholders will provide their input and h

Standard of ethical behavior

Do you think business is held to a different standard of ethical behavior than the average citizen? If yes (no), why do you believe there are differences and what supports these differences? Note: The sources should be cited.

Enron: Restated Earnings of a Company

Choose any recent article on an accounting scandal (such as Enron, Worldcom, etc....) or an article on a company that recently restated earnings or a company that declared that under the basis of the SOX evaluation the internal controls were not operating effectively. Requirements: 1. Indicate the source of your res

Ethical Constructs

Discussion Question 1: Define the following terms: deontological, teleological, utilitarianism, consequentialism, rights-based ethics, human-nature ethics. Discuss how each term relates to ethics by providing an example for each term. Discussion Question 2: Explain the importance of ethics to you as as student and as a pr

Ethical Theories

1. Identify the basic Ethical Theories in a list format. 2. From your list of theories, pick 2 that you would be able to summarize and analyze. Please analyze them in terms of how they would impact the society around you and their importance. Your summary should be at least 2-3 paragraphs in length and done using a Word docu

Ethical Implications

Scenario: A prominent major network news anchor was recently found to have knowingly utilized unsubstantiated documents that alleged misconduct of a presidential candidate. This has generated debate over the ethical requirements for journalists and the media. Talk show commentators have reached a consensus that this

Auditing Problem: ethical dilemma and completion procedures

Sue and John Brown are the owners of a gas and convenience store with a coffee and donut area along a busy highway near Wawa, Ontario. They have a mortgage with RBC for $650,000 and an operating line of credit for $200,000. In the past, the business has serviced the debt and produced a reasonable return on the investment. RBC

Ethical Norms about McDonald vs. Stella Liebeck

What ethical norms were fundamental to the jury's decision for McDonald vs. Stella Liebeck? (Demonstrates solid understanding of the concept of ethical norms and identifies the most important norms and clearly explains.) I am not sure if there are certain names or concepts under ethical norms. I searched it around, but I

Ethical Issues - Compensation Plan

The executive officers of coach corporation have a performance based compensation plan. The performance criteria of this plan is linked to growth in earnings per share. When annual EPS growth is 12%, the Coach executives earn 100% of the shares; If growth is 16%, they earn 125%. If EPS growth is lower than 8%, the executives r

Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants

Outline the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Standards of Ethical Conduct for Management Accountants. Describe in your own words each of the four major categories and describe a workplace example that might constitute a violation of each category. Be sure to cite the sources you use in the preparation of this report.

Strategic Importance of HR in Ethical Lapses

In a managers' meeting, discuss the impact of the well-publicized ethical lapses in recent years by several large companies. Persuade the group about the strategic importance of your role in human resources. You should be a participant in all strategic planning meetings with senior management.

Ultarianism and Deontology

If the accountants' ethical decision making is conventional or post-conventional, and how does it relates to utilitarianism and deontology. Please answer with references.

Systems Thinking and Systems Logic

A. Evaluate systems thinking and the application of systems logic as essential considerations in creating a new project. Explain how to incorporate systems thinking. In thinking about future change management projects, how would you apply the systems approach to manage effective change? b. Evaluate the various sta

Organizations, downsizing and ethical behaviors

1) When an organization decides to downsize, what ethical issues should or can a manager consider? 2) How would you handle a situation when your ethical principles conflict with your organization's ethics? 3) Is it appropriate for an organization to consider employee stress when making assignments? Why or

In this problem, I go over ethical considerations faced by students when writing and presenting dissertations. I provide checklists for the pre-proposal process, during the proposal submission and aproval/denial, research conduct, supervision and workshop support, analysis and write-up, post-submission considerations, safety considerations, and breaches of codes and unethical behavior. I have provided this within a Word document as an attachment.

In this problem, I go over ethical considerations faced by students when writing and presenting dissertations. I provide checklists for the pre-proposal process, during the proposal submission and aproval/denial, research conduct, supervision and workshop support, analysis and write-up, post-submission considerations, safety con

Ethical Decision Making at McKinley and Curtis

Run at least one of the Simulations entitled "thinking ethically,Identify an ethical dilemma you had to address in the Simulation. Describe who the stakeholders were in the dilemma, and their apparent values. How did you resolve this dilemma? What techniques have you used outside of class to resolve ethical dilemmas you have enc