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    The Ethical Frontier

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    From your own experience, when do you feel like you are operating on the ethical frontier? What makes you think so?

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    As a college professor I am often dealing with the ethical frontier. Students are individuals with their own sets of problems. They issues of self, family, health, learning and learning disabilities, and time management. Plus they usually have other classes in which they must also participate and meet demands. Knowing how to deal with each while maintaining the rules of the school academic responsibility and balancing needs of one student with another is crucial and there is often no set rule for a case.

    For example, grades are given for work completed, tests, participation, frequency of attendance, and at the professor's discretion for improvements made. This said, and it is rather common to all schools, I had a student who completely turned the semester upside down. The student, we'll call him Tom, came to class most nights and when he ...

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    A discussion of when the writer feels as though the are working on an ethical frontier. The writer is a college professor.