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    Business Ethics

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    Standard costing for XYZ Company: high quality widgets

    See attached file. Please show step by step work. XYZ Company produces high quality widgets. Three raw materials are converted into the finished product by two labor groups. Manufacturing overhead is applied to finished units based on direct labor hours. The following standards have been established for each widget produce

    Lindiwe Mazibuko

    Consider the case of Lindiwe Mazibuko and others v City of Johannesburg and others, at www.saflii.org/za/cases/ZACC/2009/28.ht Facts: 1- Operation Gcin'amanzi is a project the city of Johannesburg piloted in Phiri in early 2004 to address the severe problem of water losses and non-payment for water services in Soweto. It i

    Career Fair: Accountancy Presentation

    You have been asked to speak at a career fair for high school students in your home town. Specifically, you are making a presentation about your role as an accountant. - Describe for the students the primary objectives of accounting. - Explain the basic terminology of the accounting process or financial reporting. - Explai

    Company Employee Exit Surveys ethical issues and employees views

    Employee's come and go but for organizational purposes it is always beneficial to know why an employee chooses to leave a company. Explain how an organizational employee exit surveys can benefit a company. Explain ethical implications the must be considered when a organization develops and employee exit survey. resp

    Ethical behavior of a firm

    Can goals like avoiding unethical or illegal behavior be in conflict with the goals of the firm? Can you help me answer this question?

    Legal, ethical considerations in performance evaluation section

    Create a representation of actual sections of an employee handbook: Note. The handbook must be original student content and work. In addition to describing the company to which the employee handbook? applies, also address the issues of privacy, employee or applicant testing, and performance evaluations in the global workplace

    Legal and ethical issues..

    What are some of the legal/ethical issues that must be taken into consideration when it comes to the HR function within an organization?

    Mayo Clinic: Needs assessment, gap analysis, intervention

    Select a healthcare organization (local or national, large or small, public or private) and perform a needs assessment/gap analysis: Description of the organization (history, length in service/operation, how many beds? clients served? location; rural vs. urban, satellite locations, total number of staff, client usage informat

    International Legal and Ethical Issues in new facilities in East Asian country

    Your firm has been investigating the possibility of locating facilities in an East Asian country such as , Taiwan, or Singapore. Prepare a report that addresses the following information: What is each country's environmental regulation level? What kind of legislation has been passed in the country regarding working hours an

    Organizational Technology Standards

    Being considered an ethical company by consumers can help a company to increase its market share. How can a company's standards in relation to technology help it to be seen as ethical? Many employees do not realize how some standard business practices put customer data at risk. Can you think of any examples of how customer d

    Ethical Dilemma Allocation to achieve fairness: Americans with Disabilities Act

    Much of managerial accounting deals with understanding and allocating costs. There are many different methods for doing so, especially when it comes to indirect costs such as manufacturing overhead. It is important that the costs be allocated in a manner that represents the incurrence of those costs in order to be fair to the

    Ethical Theory Applied in Corporate Law

    Go to: http://ba.gsia.cmu.edu/ethics/AA/mgtmini.htm. Read Case #9 "Cost Justified?" Prepare an analysis in outline form. Your analysis should include the following Who are the stakeholders in this case? What are the interests of the stakeholders? Legal Analysis Do any of the listed laws apply

    Role of Toyota's Leadership in the faulty brake recall

    Toyota's faulty brake recall inlcudes information on this link regarding the ethical delimma Toyota faced this year. http://business-ethics.com/2010/01/31/2123-toyota-recall-five-critical-lessons/ How would you explain the Role of Toyota's leadership? Please provide references if used.

    Ethical issue during internship at Omni Instruments: Error in CVP analysis

    You have just begun your summer internship at Omni Instruments. The company supplies sterilized surgical instruments for physicians. To expand sales, Omni is considering paying a commission to its sales force. The controller, Matthew Barnhill, asks you to compute: 1) the new breakeven sales figure, and 2) the operating profit if

    Legal and ethical issues for technology in retail environment

    What are the major legal and ethical issues related to the use of technology in the retail environment? As a manager in the retail environment, how can you overcome these challenges? Retailers like many businesses often have sensitive customer data such as credit card numbers. How can these retail businesses ensure the security

    Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper

    Please help so I can write this paper: Prepare a paper analyzing a professional dilemma conflict that you experienced before you began your major course of study or during your program of studies at the university you are attending. Be sure to complete all three sections of the assignment. a. Describe the experience:

    Ethical Dilemma Scenario

    Can you recall a situation in which either you or someone you know was confronted by an ethical dilemma, such as being encouraged to inflate an expense account or trade answers on a test? Do you think the decision was affected more by individual moral values or by the accepted values within the team or company? Explain.

    International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

    Details: An upcoming meeting with your new company's chief executive officer (CEO) and other executives is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of potentially defective products being sold to customers. You are not sure if others are aware of this issue, and the defective products could possibly lead to serio

    Ethical issues, design, methodologies, analysis and measurement

    Details: In preparation for a client meeting, you will now perform fundamental research analyzing and explaining how to conduct a literature review to support the research effort. Also discuss how to develop an Annotated Bibliography and how it can be applied to effectively support the research effort. how research topics

    Considering Stakeholders in Relocating Manufacturing Plants

    Http://wpweb2.tepper.cmu.edu/ethics/AA/mgmt05-case.pdf Read "Something's Rotten in Hondo." Now write a response that addresses the following: - Identify the stakeholders in this affair and what their primary interests might be. - Think of any environmental laws that would apply to the case and decide if the government

    Informational Privacy

    Patricia Dunn is with Hewlett-Packard no more. It all started with a leak; somebody was giving out important company secrets. And with all the deft Hollywood style gumshoe-esque thinking Ms Dunn hired Private Investigator Ronald DeLia to find out just who it was. The Private Investigators posed as H-P directors, as journalist

    Share Issue

    Your firm needs to raise $10 million. Assuming that flotation costs are expected to be $15 per share, and that the market price of the stock is $120, how many shares would have to be issued? What is the dollar size of the issue?

    Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

    Can you please outline the questions asked within this assignment so that I can better understand the contracts of businesses? Thanks for your time. ------------------------------ You are working for the City of Anytown's Counsel, and it seems that your work largely involves shooting down the mayor's "creative" ideas to boo

    How do companies use technology to help set and manage ethical standards?

    Organizational Philosophies and Technology Paper Prepare a paper discussing how companies use technology to help set and manage ethical standards and guidelines. How can this shape the type of work environment or culture a company promotes? Additionally, discuss how using technology to perform human resources functions affec