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Business Ethics

The Habits of Strong Ethical Leaders

Discuss at least 5 of the 7 habits of strong ethical leaders. Use examples to support your answer. Here are the 5 habits: (1) Ethical leaders have strong personal character (2) Ethical leaders have a passion to do right (3) Ethical leaders are proactive (4) Ethical leaders consider stakeholder's interest (5) Eth

Ethical Standards in Business

Please provide approximately 200 words and an example for the following: US ethical standards in business are generally considered fair and reasonable by countries of similar developmental status. What would happen if a corporation assumed that US ethical standards are acceptable to all countries or regions where they intend

Display of Art: The Ethical vs. The Unethical

Censorship and art seems to be a matter of where one resides. People might find things offensive in one country where others might think it is fine. I seen on television the other day how some countries have people actually taking off their close while broadcasting the news. Their reasoning was to get more people to watch the ne

Ethical Plan.

As a company head (CEO, etc.), you have decided to create a new ethical plan for your company. Develop your own set of procedures that you would use to handle unethical issues. Provide a step-by-step procedure that will be followed from the moment an unethical situation is noticed (by an employee, supervisor, etc.) to resoluti

Employee Fraud

Discuss in general the ethical issues when employees are tempted to defraud their employer or when companies defraud the public. What sort of situations can lead to this behavior? What are the costs of fraudulent behavior? What kind of controls can help prevent ethical problems?

20th Century Globalism: Prevailing philosophical perspectives

Write a paper in which you research and identify one prevailing philosophical perspectives at work during the 20th century. Provide an overview for the philosophies?where it arose, who created it, and its major tenets. Resources: Course readings (Fiero, Gloria K. (2006). Modernism, Globalism, and the Information Age. New

Ethical issues & stakeholders obligations for aircraft engine

Accountants are frequently faced with situations where they must make critical decisions that will effect many people. Having a plan for how to analyze these situations will help you to make better decisions. The first step is to recognize that you are faced with a situation where there are ethical issues involved. For this

Ethical guidelines: Example question

All organizations want to adhere to ethical guidelines, but, at times, they fail to do so. Present an analysis of why organizations fail to adhere to ethical guidelines when dealing with employees, communities, business associates, and the government. Present at least two instances with explanations.

Finance changed the method of allocating fixed factory overhead

Company X uses a standard cost system and budgeted 50K machine hours to manufacture 100K units in 2007. Budgeted total fixed factory overhead was 9 million after charging the production volume variance to cost of good sold of the period. Finance believes the denominator activity level of 50K machine hours is too low. The

Ethical Theories: Example Questions

Ethical Theories Prepare a two pages paper, Detailing the ethical theories and their foundations utilizing a scholarly article about ethics and describe, in detail, and give an example of one ethical theory.

ethical dilemma that deals with global business

What is an exampel of a ethical dilemma that deals with global business? Can you describe the ethical issues that became evident in the situation as a result of globalization? What are the ethical perceptions across cultures in regards to the ethical situation? What are the risks associated?

Current Ethical Issue in Business

Based on the attached document I need help with the below part: Current Ethical Issue in Business Research an article on an issue that deals with business ethics from a newspaper, magazine, journal, TV, or the Internet. Briefly summarize the issue in a 1050 to 1400-word paper in which you identify the ground rules manife

Current Ethical Issue-The Bernard Madoff Case

Based on the following article, describe the basis of the issue from an Ethics standpoint. The article is about Bernard Madoff and his Ponzi Scheme.

Ethical organization

I have to create a company. I came up with ABC Transportation Inc. A. Can you describe a current moral issue that would be faced by the organization. I have to present a code of ethics that consist of the following: Does a formal code exist What topics are included in the code of ethics How is the code distributed Ho

Ethical Issue Idenfication

Two Business Ethics questions. 1. What makes an ethical decision or issue ethical? How would you explain the differences between ethical/nonethical and ethical/unethical? What ethical issues or dilemmas have you experienced in the workplace? 2. Do professionals such as accountants and lawyers have duties and obligati

Ethical Dilemmas at Work

1. Have you ever been exposed to an unethical use of power? If so, what type of power was involved? What are some examples of positive and negative politics in your workplace? 2. When an organization decides to downsize, what ethical issues should a manager consider? How would you handle a situation when your ethical principle

Analyze economic and ethical implications of an event.

Using the Internet, or other resources, locate a current event article that relates to government regulations or antitrust activities. Prepare a paper in which you analyze the economic and ethical implications of the event. Points to consider include: market outcome, political impact on economic behavior, social diversity, techn

Ethical Issues, Decision & Professional Obligations

1. What makes an ethical decision or issue ethical? How would you explain the differences between ethical/nonethical and ethical/unethical? What ethical issues or dilemmas have you experienced in the workplace? 2. Do professionals such as accountants and lawyers have duties and obligations that other people do not? From

Ethical Issues: Personal Values Development

Prepare a paper on personal values development examining your personal values, ground rules, and/or ethics development. Focus on the developmental aspect rather than on a particular position on any issue. Define what your values are, the sources (people, institutions, events, etc.) that helped shape your values, and the cr

Unethical Behavior in Activist Groups

There are lot of activist groups digging into the unethical behavior of companies like Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Nike which they purchase their goods/products oversea from factories using child labor, factory where safety was concern etc... I do know that they do have their ethical code of conduct and they do use independent auditor

Ethical improprieties on large scales

The ethical improprieties we hear about are usually those ones that happen on the largest scale, but there are unethical decisions made daily in small businesses everyday. That kind of brings us back full circle to how do we instill ethics on all levels? Is it education, legislation, punishment, or reward? Ethics in business,

Ethical perspectives: reported conflict in a neutral way

"Be careful that our ethical perspectives do not become moral judgments which could cloud our thinking." One important element my manager always points out in heated situations is to remember to take our emotions out of the equation and stick to the facts. One example involved a tiff between two grown women in the ladies r

Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

If the majority of companies strive to conduct their business ethically, why is there a need to create laws? How are ethics different from the law? How are ethics and the law the same? Support your answer with real-world examples.

Personal ethical standards at work in leadership

It's great that you have set your own personal ethical standards higher than the company, because it helps you become more efficient and effective in all you do at work with helping others. And when a group is used to a leader who spoke up for them in the past, I can see where they may leave or get frustrated. Explain

Ethical Dilemma

You are quitting a job to take another better paying position elsewhere. The owners have hired an individual to replace you. It has come to your attention that this individual has been fired from her last job at the bank for embezzling $20,000. She has paid it back and is now on probation (you have all of the documentation to

Ethical Issues involved with spam mail

Under the ethical issues I find it interesting that you mention the ability to unsubscribe to spam mail. As a company, we have been using an application in our email to filter out spam and it sends it to a holding area for us to review for any possible real email. It makes me wonder how involved some of these software programs a