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    Human Biology

    Reducing Air Pollution: Designing a City

    How would you create a city that does not produce more air pollution than the atmosphere can cleanse naturally? In creating this more sustainable environment, consider livability, safety, and convenience. Consider this as your personal game of Sim City. How do you design a city that does not produce more air pollution than th

    ADH and Angiotensin

    Explain in layman's terms the interconnected roles of ADH and angiotensin. PLEASE include a diagram.

    How many items in your salad were locally grown? Opinion may be required.

    ------------------------------- You are eating a fruit salad that contains the following ingredients: bib lettuce, bananas, apples, coconut, kiwi, mango, avocado, figs, and almonds. Make a list or each item in your salad and their countries of origin. Include why each fruit grows well in that particular area. Then, search the

    Organisms - Biology Study Guide

    I would like to have a study guide for my biology exam coming up this week. Could you find the answers to these questions? 1. Does a clam have no body symmetry, bilateral symmetry, or radial symmetry? 2. Indicate each of the following organisms whether they are classified under the Porifera phylum, the Cnidarian phylum,

    An practical investigation into the kidney's homeostatic functions

    An investigation into the kidney's homeostatic functions Introduction The kidneys contribute to the regulation of the water and electrolyte balance and the acid-base status of the body through hormonal influence on renal activities. There is a wide variation between individuals in the formation of urine, in any one individ

    Life on Earth (Biological Concepts)

    Eight years ago the doctor asked if we wanted to save (can't remember if it was to froze or not) the blood from the umbilical cord from our daughter. His explanation was that it was full of good stuff and we could save it. Here is my question: How long can the stuff in the umbilical cord be saved for? Are there any def

    Biological concepts from the non-science major perspective

    The stem cells are captured from embryonic cells, but they also can be captured from the placenta and umbilical cord. a. If this is the case, why is there so much controversy on the subject? (It is not unethical after all to capture stem cells from the placenta or umbilical cord after the birth of a child). b. Also,


    What would happen if a person was intravenously injected with distilled water instead of isotonic saline? And how would haemolysis rates change of a person who hand sickle cell disease?

    Lumps and Bumps

    I have been reading a lot about fibromyalgia lately and in a book by a Dr. Amand, as reported by a couple of Drs. 25 years ago - states that calcium remains immobile due to a lack of Action potentials because people with FMS have a 25% drop of ATP levels in their muscle thus not allowing calcium to be moved via active transport.

    Calcium and Calcitonin

    Trying to figure something out-if there were an excess of Calcium due to Action potentials stopping for some reason, what, if anything would prevent calcitonin from lowering the level? Is there anything else responsible for lowering calcium? What would happen if the calcium just stayed in one placed unchecked-lumps/bumps??

    Hemostasis and the Endocrine System

    How does the pancreatic endocrine hormones {glucagon and insulin} work antagonistically to maintain homeostasis in the body, during times of feast and times of famine? How is this process related to negative feedback?

    Endocrine System Experiment

    Experiments on young rats suggest that exposure to stress in early life is important if an animal is to develop a well functioning endocrine system and thrive. How does stress stimulate a person's endocrine system? What are the hormones involved in the stress response? How do these hormones enable a person to better mee

    Osmosis & Kidney Functioning are correlated.

    Why is osmosis important to proper kidney functioning? Include how osmosis is related to nephron physiology. How does the nephron perform filtration, reabsorption and tubular secretion? What are some examples of "water following salt." These areas are encompassed.

    Homeostasis is related to blood pressure.

    How do negative feedback mechanisms contribute to homeostasis? What are some examples in terms of temperature regulation and blood pressure maintenance? What would happen if temperature regulation were suddenly controlled by a positive feedback loop? These questions are pondered.

    Smell receptors

    You are invited to go sailing while on vacation at the ocean. When you first step on the boat, the smell of sea water is strong and you feel the motion of the water beneath your feet. After a few minutes, the smell fades and you no longer notice it, but the rolling motion of the boat remains and within an hour you begin to feel

    Is a patient in alkalosis or acidosis?

    Using the lab values given, determine if the patient is in alkalosis or acidosis, if it is metabolic or respiratory and if it is being compensated for. Give specific reasons for your answers. pH = 7.5; PCO2 = 24 mm Hg; HCO3- = 18 mEq/L

    Kidney Failure and Anemia

    Long term diabetics experience kidney failure which leads to anemia. How does kidney failure correlate to anemia?

    Drosophilla crosses are calculated.

    In a lab strain of Drosophila, cinnabar (cn) and brown (bw) are recessive eye colour mutations known to be 41 m.u. apart on chromosome 2. When similar mutant alleles were induced in a strain from nature, the same linkage of cn and bw was observed. However, when a wild-type strain from nature was crossed with a cn bw/cn bw lab st

    Punnett Square tests are noted.

    You do a Punnett Square on a dihybrid cross and end up with two classes of individuals. Is there a problem? What could be a reason for this? Ideas are explained.

    Epinephrine's purpose in vaccination is traced.

    Physicians administering live, attenuated mumps and measles vaccine prepared in chick embryos keep epinephrine available. Epinephrine will not treat these viral infections. What is the purpose of keeping this drug on hand?