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Calcium and Calcitonin: Action Potentials

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Trying to figure something out-if there were an excess of Calcium due to Action potentials stopping for some reason, what, if anything would prevent calcitonin from lowering the level? Is there anything else responsible for lowering calcium? What would happen if the calcium just stayed in one placed unchecked-lumps/bumps??

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Action potentials effects calcium and calcitonin levels are discussed.

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Basically, if action potentials just stopped, you wouldn't be alive for very long!

But seriously, calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. About 98% of an adult's calcium is in the skeleton and teeth. Generally, calcium ion exists either free or unattached to various plasma proteins. There's about an equal concentration of free and bound calcium in body tissues. Of course, as you know, calcium ion plays important roles in blood clotting, neurotransmitter release (the topic you're asking about), muscle tone, etc.

The amount of calcium ion that enters the neuron to ...

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