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Explanation of the Fundamental Physiology of Bone Tissue

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Which category of bones (long, short, flat, irregular) has the least amount of spongy bone relative to its total volume?

What type of bone is the phalanx classified as?

What two types of bone are the major submembranous site of osteoclasts?

What type of bone is the major submembranous site of osteoblasts?

What is the function of the organic matrix in bone?

What are the important organic bone components?

What is the function of the calcium salts in bone?

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I provide explanations in simple and easy to understand language for all of the questions in this posting. This questions (and the solutions) work great as practice test questions.

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Spongy bone makes up most of the bone tissue of short, flat and irregular bones, and most of the epiphyses of long bones. The diaphyses of long bones has the least amount of spongy bone relative to its total volume.

A single finger bone (phalanx) is a type of long bone.

Despite its hardness and relative inflexibility, bone is one of the most changing tissues of the body. At the bone tissue's cellular level, reorganization and replacement of the solid matrix occurs continuously. Two types of cells are primarily responsible for this reconstructive process: the ...

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