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    Endocrine System Experiment

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    Experiments on young rats suggest that exposure to stress in early life is important if an animal is to develop a well functioning endocrine system and thrive.

    How does stress stimulate a person's endocrine system? What are the hormones involved in the stress response?

    How do these hormones enable a person to better meet the challenges we face in daily life?

    When do these hormonal responses to stress become detrimental to ones health?

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    Stress occurs when an animal or human is exposed to any of an immense variety of noxious or potentially noxious stimuli.
    If and when stress occurs, there follows a secretion of the Adrenocorticotropic hormone or ACTH, which is found in the antirior pituitary whose afferents come from the limbic ...

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    The expert examines the endocrine system. Horome that enable a person to better meet the challenges we dace in daily life are determined.