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Calculating pH, Ka, grams, and amounts of an acid for making a buffer

1. Calculate the pH of a solution which is 0.428 M in oxalic acid and 1.44 M in oxalate. 2. What is the pH of a solution that is 45.5 mM in acetic acid and 1.11 M in acetate? 3. A solution which is 3.19X10 to the -3 M in an acid (HA) and 6.78x10 to the -3 M in its conjugate base (A-) is found to have a pH of 8.65. What i

Determining the pKa of an acid.

For a weak electrolyte that ionizes as: HX --> H+ + X- construct a buffer with a ratio of 5 moles of HX/2.1 moles X-. The reaction is maintained at pH = 8.7. What is the pKa of the acid?

NaCl solution is discussed.

We did a lab with DNA standards. We made one to one solutions of onion DNA that we precipitated and a 4% NaCl soln. We measured the amount of DNA using spectrophotometers. When we boiled the solution before measurement, the NaCl precipitated. This made the solution cloudy and the absorbancy readings inaccurate. I'm wondering i