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Easy-to-read notes on the generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by the mitochondrion.

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State the steps involved in the generation of ATP by the mitochondrion.

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Metabolism-All of the chemical reactions in a cell.
Catabolism-The chemical reactions in the cell that break complex molecules down
Anabolism-The chemical reaction in the cell that build complex molecules

Thousands of interrelated compounds, reactions, and enzymes
All under detailed feedback and control
Ultimately governed by the DNA and the cell's responses to the environment


See attached Figure "Mitochondrion". A schematic representation of a mitochondrion. The breakdown of food molecules leads to a transfer of electrons between enzymes of the respiratory pathway (green). These enzymes pump protons across the inner membrane, building up a proton gradient. The protons then flow through special channels in ATP synthase (orange) resulting in the generation of ATP from ADP and Pi.


Multiple "food" molecules get converted into a small number of common C2 and C4 molecules
These C2/C4 molecules enter the center of the mitochondria where they are "processed" by the citric acid pathway
The citric acid pathway gives H+ and e- which are used to generate NADH and FADH2
These are e-, H+, and energy carrier molecules
These are used by ...

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