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Question about Distribution profile

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Plot the distribution profile for each enzyme as RSA (Relative Specific Activity) vs % protein.

Subcellular fractionation of rat liver resulted in the following samples:

Fraction speed (xg) Volume(ml) Protein (mg/ml)

P-1 2800 10 6

P-2 12000 10 4

P-3 27000 8 4

P-4 75000 5 2.5

S non-sedimentable 25 6.5

Analysis of the frations resulted in the following enzyme activities expressed as nmoles/min/ml of sample fraction.

Fraction Citrate synthase
P-1 0.20
P-2 8.00
P-3 6.00
P-4 0.50
S 0.04

Plot the distribution profile for each enzyme as RSA (Relative Specific Activity) vs % protein.

I need the graph in any format available (excel, word...etc) Please don't send me info on how to do the graph. I just need it done because I'm working all night tonite and have no time. Thank you for your help.

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Solution contains the % Protein for each fraction, the enzyme activity in nmoles/min/ml and a graph plotted with the % protein (independent variable x) versus the enzyme activity in nmoles/min/ml (dependent variable y).

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Here are the % Protein for each fraction

Fraction P-1 % = (60/307) x 100 % = 19.5%
Fraction P-2 % = (40/307) x ...

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