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    Animal Biology

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    Hormone Use in the Cattle Industry

    The USDA has been following hormone use in the cattle industry since the 1950s. The hormone is given to the cattle in pouches inserted into the ear. The hormone enters the bloodstream of the animal very slowly, and according to the USDA the hormones never enter the human food chain. According to the USDA the use of growth ho


    What is the the pureraris thunbergian (VINE) KUDZU of I am requesting the classification schme of KUDZU: KINGDOM, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species

    Qs about bones

    1. Think about an arthropod such as an ant, and a vertebrate such as a lizard. what functions do the skeletons of there animals have in common? do they have a common structure? Explain. 2. Why do you think that spongry bone has an outer layer od compact bone? 3. Think about the possibible movements of your lower arms

    Benefits to Higher Animals

    I'm trying to figure out, of what benefit are a closed circulatory system, closed digestive system, an excretory system, and a nervous system, to higher animals?

    Nitrogen excretion rate and oxygen consumption and temperature

    In a lab we looked at the effects of different temperatures on the rate of oxygen consumption and nitrogen excretion in the goldfish. we found that oxygen consumption and nitrogen excretion both increased as the temperature increased. What are some reasons for these increses in oxygen consumption and nitrugen excretion with in

    Goldfish Feeding Experiment

    I'm conducting an experiment entitled the "Effect of volume on Carassius auratus growth". However, I'm uncertain of how often and how much to feed the gold fish. My experimental setup consists of a ten gallon tub (30 X 20 inches, about 6 inches deep) with five individual containers within, approximately filling a volume of 2 lit

    Release of triglycerides of adipose cells

    Please only take this problem if your answer can not be complete and understandable. Thank you! Describe the storage and release of triglycerides of adipose cells on a molecular level, and describe the hormonal control of this process.

    New mammalian order and new class of vertebrates

    Please help!!!! I need to know how to do this and I need a complete example of what is written below. I am lost trying to do this!!!! Please do not take this if you can not give me a complete detail answer for this question. It needs to be complete, and I need to be able to get a true understanding of what is involved in this. T

    Adaptation of the respiratory system to flight in birds(Aves)

    I am doing a seminar on the adaptation of the bird respiratory system to flight, but I am having some trouble finding journals that are useful to me. I need to find a minimum of 3 primary resources. I was just wondering if someone could help me find some.

    Animal behaviour from chi square test

    Individual chi square questions 1. The data below was gathered in the Animal Behaviour lab. In this case, 5 zebra danios were placed in a container in compartment A of the aquarium and 5 goldfish were placed in a container in section C of the aquarium. The test fish, in this set of data was a zebra danio. Does this fish displ

    Relative Fitness Between Red and Brown Wolves

    You find that out of 20 of red wolves released, 18 survive, and out of 10 brown wolves released, 4 survive. What is the relative fitness of red and brown wolves? I have the fitness of the red wolves (favored genotype?) as 1, but I keep getting a negative number for the brown wolves' fitness.

    Wolf Probability

    155 wolves 65% are red wolves 35% are brown wolves -- all carry brow allele 48% of red wolves carry recessive brown allele What is the probability that a wolf carries brown allele? These areas are encompassed.

    Comment on subject's aerobic efficiency and fitness

    Aerobic efficiency and fitness can be estimated using the following formula: INDEX = (Duration of exercise in seconds) x100 = 2(sum of first 3 pulse counts in recovery) Norms below 55 = poor 55-64 = low average 65-79 = average 80-89= good 90+= excellent

    Evolutionary Changes in Arthropods

    Discuss one way in which each of the mantle, the foot and the shell have diverged in the oyster, terrestrial slug and squid since these taxa shared a common ancestor. For each change that you mention, briefly indicate how this change reflects the different lifestyles of the oyster, slug and cephalopod.

    Gas Exchange Comparison

    How is oxygen and carbon dioxide transported and exchanged throughout a grasshopper and clam?