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    Goldfish Feeding

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    I'm conducting an experiment entitled the "Effect of volume on Carassius auratus growth". However, I'm uncertain of how often and how much to feed the gold fish. My experimental setup consists of a ten gallon tub (30 X 20 inches, about 6 inches deep) with five individual containers within, approximately filling a volume of 2 litters each (Mesh basket like). Two fish are in each container while twelve fish are left in the larger volume outside. Yes I have filtration.
    First, is this an adequate setup? Secondly, what would be the best feeding technique? My professor suggested letting to fish be exposed to an excess amount of food for three hours /twice a day. (I'm using floating pellets so far.) However, even if the fish have an excess amount of food, they would still eat all of it if given enough time. I say this b/c gold fish have no stomach, and it's possible for them to be over feed, right?

    Also, what are some scientific articles I could refer to on the subject, and where can I find them.

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    Let me start off by saying that I work with zebrafish. In their general upkeep they are feed 2-3 times a day as much as they will eat in 2-5 minutes. The excess food is always removed to prevent nitrogen build up. For zebrafish care the most used resource is the zebrafish book (http://www.grs.nig.ac.jp:6070/zf_info/zfbook/zfbk.html).

    Ok now for what I found on goldfish maintenance. A good place to start is the net (I always use yahoo as it is a simple search ...

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    Information on how to care for and feed goldfish along with a web link to a book on goldfish.