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Discussion of Cue-based Feeds for Nursing Students

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Please describe the topic of cue-based feeds in pre-term infants with emphasis on benefits.

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This response includes over 600 words and two articles outlining the benefits of cue-based feeding as a beneficial strategy for pre-term infants.

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I found that the article linked below is a good summary of cue-based feeding practice:


There are several benefits of this type of approach of feeding. Note that these benefits are not necessarily restricted to pre-term infants. I will provide you with some specific points to consider regarding preemies from other sources after this brief introduction.

Cue-based feeds avoid the rigid structure of pre-determined feeding schedules. It is unreasonable to assign a feeding schedule to an infant (or any individual for that matter) and expect that the conditions of the schedule will be optimal day after day after day.

There is a relationship between breast milk production and feeding. For example if the breast remains full because of avoiding feeding, milk production will slow down.

Rates of milk production indicate that an empty breast produces milk faster in response to baby suckling. This fact negates one of the main reasons for scheduled feeding: you must ...

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