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    Breast vs Bottle Feeding

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    Which culture is more in favor and which culture is against topic
    The impact the topic has in society
    Thorough Introduction and Conclusion

    I have everyhting except the Cons of breastfeeding

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    Breast-versus-Bottle Feeding


    Breast feeding is most important for bonding of the Mother and the new born baby. If there are no medical conditions or there is a decrease in milk production from the breast of the Mother, then use of bottle is logical, but otherwise if anything, human breast milk is healthy for the baby and also for the Mother to get released.

    Breast feeding is in and of itself not a bad action, for a normal baby and for the bonding between the Mother and the infant, but the methods of breast feeding be less favored. For instance, pumping breast milk can be hurtful and takes away the bonding part from both the mother and the ...

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    Breast-versus-Bottle Feeding: pros and cons