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Role of Aerobic Bacteria in a Pond

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You have a goldfish pond in your back yard. It is stocked with goldfish and water plants. There are aerobic bacteria in the pond also. What is happening with the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the water during a 24 hour day (daylight and darkness)?

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Different oxygen producing and consuming processes taking place in a pond are explained in the solution.

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The oxygen content in the pond is subject to heavy fluctuations. This is because plants and algae which produce oxygen during the day through solar energy switch their metabolism at night and use up most of the available oxygen. This natural process depletes almost all of the oxygen supply. The dissolved o2 level will reach its lowest value in a pond just prior to sunrise, since no oxygen has been released by plants during the night, and oxygen has been used during the night by plants and the animals (gold fish).

(By early morning, the ...

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