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Marine animal salt water transport process from blood into gland

Some marine animals drink salt water, they excrete the extra salt through glands that produce a salty liquid. what transport process must be involved in moving the salt from the blood and into the gland?
does this require energy?

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<br>Elasmobranchs, marine birds, and some reptiles have a structure called a salt gland to secrete NaCl from their bodies. These animals require a lower internal NaCl concentration than the surrounding seawater, which causes a concentration gradient favoring the influx of salt. Therefore, they need a way to secrete it.
<br>The solution is provided by glands in the rectum of sharks and the skulls of marine birds and reptiles which produces a concentrated salt solution for secretion.
<br>The sodium ions are removed from the blood by these glands not by filtration, but by the sodium-transport mechanism (the sodium-potassium pump). This Na+/ K+ / ATPase activity allows for the movement of NaCl from the blood across the epithelium into the lumen of the salt gland for secretion. Interestingly, the shark rectal gland, bird nasal gland, fish gill, and the ...