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Hormone Use in the Cattle Industry

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The USDA has been following hormone use in the cattle industry since the 1950s. The hormone is given to the cattle in pouches inserted into the ear. The hormone enters the bloodstream of the animal very slowly, and according to the USDA the hormones never enter the human food chain.

According to the USDA the use of growth hormones to raise cattle has no adverse affect on humans through consumption. Is it true? Are there studies that contradict this?

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The solution discusses hormone use in the cattle industry.

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Several studies have implicated that hormones injected into cows to increase milk production (rBGH) can increase the risks of cancer. These studies are so convincing that Europe and Canada have banned the use of rBGH. Meat from hormone treated animals have also been implicated in increasing risks of cancer. Currently, there is no strict ...

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