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    Antibiotics in Animal Feed

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    The use of antibiotics in animals is a very controversial issue. Do you feel that it is a bad idea to use antibiotics in animal feed or do you feel that the public is overreacting? Discuss the opposing view also. Choose a side and defend it.

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    Yes I feel very strongly about it! Yes, the farmers do have a point. Cattle grow faster for some reason when also fed antibiotics - besides food of course - and it seems to be cost effective from their point of view since what they gain is worth more than the habit costs them - at least if only their apparent cost is considered. However there are other issues involved here too. Tremendous amounts of antibiotics are spread out outside their normal medical, dental or veterinary use and that has consequences! If you just apply the basic evolutionary theory of Darwin to the problem - you actually do not need any more elaborate biological, medical, dental or veterinary background than that - you will immediately see and understand the problem involved in this case! Darwin predicts that in a particular given environment those ...

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    The use of antibiotics in animal feed is analyzed. The opposing views of the experts point of view is defended.