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Animal Biology

Qs about bones

1. Think about an arthropod such as an ant, and a vertebrate such as a lizard. what functions do the skeletons of there animals have in common? do they have a common structure? Explain. 2. Why do you think that spongry bone has an outer layer od compact bone? 3. Think about the possibible movements of your lower arms

Goldfish Feeding Experiment

I'm conducting an experiment entitled the "Effect of volume on Carassius auratus growth". However, I'm uncertain of how often and how much to feed the gold fish. My experimental setup consists of a ten gallon tub (30 X 20 inches, about 6 inches deep) with five individual containers within, approximately filling a volume of 2 lit

New mammalian order and new class of vertebrates

Please help!!!! I need to know how to do this and I need a complete example of what is written below. I am lost trying to do this!!!! Please do not take this if you can not give me a complete detail answer for this question. It needs to be complete, and I need to be able to get a true understanding of what is involved in this. T

Animal behaviour from chi square test

Individual chi square questions 1. The data below was gathered in the Animal Behaviour lab. In this case, 5 zebra danios were placed in a container in compartment A of the aquarium and 5 goldfish were placed in a container in section C of the aquarium. The test fish, in this set of data was a zebra danio. Does this fish displ

Comment on subject's aerobic efficiency and fitness

Aerobic efficiency and fitness can be estimated using the following formula: INDEX = (Duration of exercise in seconds) x100 = 2(sum of first 3 pulse counts in recovery) Norms below 55 = poor 55-64 = low average 65-79 = average 80-89= good 90+= excellent