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    Analyzing a sample of wild canary song

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    The main purpose of analyzing a sample of wild canary song is to become familiar with song dialect pattern of geographic variation, identify dialect boundaries objectively, and gather some evidence of whetheror not dialect memberslikely have intimate social interactions.i have already got and analyzed rolls of sonograms of songs sung by one or more wild canary songs recorded at a local breeding ground on the island of Tenerife, canary islands. there are 3 dialects that are symbolized by letter: M=Mausoleum dialect, S=Spanish Mt. dialects, T=Teguste dialect. if a given males sample consisted of 5 songs, all from the Mausoleum dialect, i entered 5 M's separated by commas. the attached paper will include my results.
    is there any amount and degree of syllable and pronunciation sharing within dialect(s)?from the attached figure illustrate the micro-geographic pattern of song variation, and any dialect boundaries. discuss please so i can get the idea.
    please try to refe to this source which i found interesting on song dialects:Mundinger , P.C. 1975.song dialects and colonization in the house finch, Carpodacus mexicanus, on the East Coast. Condor 77:407-422.
    here is figure 1 attached

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